Lillian's Pov
Darkness. Thats where ive been wandering for months. Trying to find my way out. Amber was in danger. My sister was in danger. People are in danger! I can't do anything!

"Please! Someone! Help me! I have to Help Princess Amber! Along with my Sister!" I cried out once more. I wandered around once more, suddenly there was a very bright lightly.

"Lillian. Can you hear me?" A voice, a soft voice, asked.

"Yes! Please can you get me out!?" I replied back.

"I am Elaine, the guardian of the great fairy tree. " the voice said and suddenly a small girl with short blonde hair and a white dress appeared in front of me.

"Elaine can you get me out of this... Darkness!?" I asked Urgently.

"Yes I can. But if I do it will only be for a short while. Enough to time for you to save Princess Amber from The Koopa King." She explained

"And if there is still time, can you please find my brother?" She questioned.

"Your brother? Who is he?" I asked her, confused.

"His Name is Henry. He's really Nice. " she told me and I nodded my head.

"Are you ready?" She asked and I nodded my head.

"I've been ready for 3 months. " I whispered and I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes slowly to find myself outside of Emile's house. I was wearing, for once, a Long sleeve with a vest over top of it along with black pants and Grey shoes. I took in a deep breath and knocked on the door, hoping someone was home.

"Please let someone be home." I whispered to myself and I knocked again.

The door opened and I was greeted by my Twin sister.

"Lindsey. It's me." I smiled at her as her now Bright blue eyes widen.
"Lillian! Where the hell have you been?!" She questioned as she hugged me tight, pulling me inside.

"To be perfectly honest. I don't know. It was dark that's about it. Hey do you know someone named Henry? I gotta talk to him." I told her as Cole Came downstairs and waved at me. Soon to follow Was Meru and a guy behind her.

"The guy standing beside Meru is Henry. What do you need to tell him?" Lindsey asked and I walked over to Henry.

"Henry Your Sister, Elaine, Wants you to go back." I told him.

"Y-you talked to Elaine?" He stuttered out as his eyes widen behind his glasses.

"Yes. Now go back. She really needs to talk to you. Everyone else. We need to think of a plan. Ambers been taken. By the Koopa King himself, Bowser." I Told everyone.

They all nodded their heads and sat down, immediately talking about a plan.

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