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He stood up and checked on Merryn. The color had come back to her hair and skin, she looked much healthier now. He had to know was it gone? He knelt down behind her and pulled on the back her leather armor. The transparent vines were still under her skin. He wanted to scream. There had to be a way to fix this!

He went over to Narjk, who was outside the temple seeping its steps.

"So did it work? Is she healed?" His eyes twinkled, and a his lips quirked.

"She has improved, but hasn't awoken as of yet." Usually the old man was so somber, he wondered what he was up to?

Narjk strolled back inside to a corner of the temple, near the entrance. Parcival followed him and out of nowhere was beamed on the head with the broom.

"Now see here, I did nothing to deserve that!" Parcival said, rubbing the top of his head.

"Oh no? Forgetting what I taught you already? Fine way to treat a lady. Go get her some boots. I'll keep an eye on her."

He cringed, if he felt bad about it before he felt worse now.

As Master leaned on the tip of the boom, a sour mood came from him as if all the jollity had drained away, he leaned forward on the broom. "I feel a dark power in this one, and I don't mean the god. Watch her, some people when they break, unhinge."

"What do you mean?" Without thinking about it he rested his hand on the handle of his sword, as it made him feel better.

Narjk shook his head. "Just watch her. Everything happens for a reason. Now go. Get the boots." His master turned and went deeper into the temple and started fiddling with some thin sheets of tin.

Back outside several birds at the end of the steps took off into the sky. One came over and hovered near his face, a sparrow. It flew off towards the North.

The air was frigid past the weather runes that kept the temple warm. He wished he had grabbed his cloak before running over here. Now what way was the cobbler at? It appeared that Tackard had moved since the last time he was here. It was surprising just how much his home had changed in a few short years abroad.

After he had walked around most of the city he finally found Tackard's near the city's entrance

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After he had walked around most of the city he finally found Tackard's near the city's entrance. He spent a good hour looking at women's boots. Frustrated, he settled on a pair a dark brown round toed, low heeled boots that went up to the knees. The front of them could be tightened as she pleased with three buckles running up them.

Lost in thought as he walked back to the temple. The longer he was with her the more he felt at a loss of what to do. He rubbed the back of his neck, if the waters were unable to get rid of the vines what would?

Back at the temple, he put the boots on the bench and picked up a length of linen cloth. Over at the pool, she was still sleeping. He frowned. She slept more and more these days, and not just when she was injured. He patted her cheek.

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