Chapter Thirty Five

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"Why didn't you come for help?" Greg asked as everyone was in the medical cabin as Sebastian bandaged the cuts on Anora's back after the fiasco between Norberta, Copper and Roscoe.

"Gee, I don't think that thought ever crossed my mind." Anora replied sarcastically before flinching at the pain. "I lost hold of my wand during the scuffle. It was pretty chaotic. By the time I would have been able to apparate to get help, the fight was already over."

"Well, we should consider what Charlie said. It makes sense, and it's a good time to update protocol." Greg said to Nicola who nodded.

Anora looked away in irritation. "It was a fluke, Norberta is new to the sanctuary, not to mention she's young and aggressive, she picked her first fight with the wrong dragon and learned her lesson. That's it, we don't need to change protocols."

"I think we do." Nicola said.

Anora muttered something inaudible under her breath as she rolled her eyes. "I'm fine."

"But you could have been killed." Greg told her. "Do you know how upset Charlie is right now?"

"What?" She said in confusion. Charlie had gone to help the others give Norberta the antivenom to save her from Copper's lethal bites. "What do you mean he's upset?"

"You didn't tell him that you were going out into the field and yet when you return you're injured."

"Are you kidding me?" Anora snapped. "I don't believe a word of that. I've never had Charlie keeping tabs on my whereabouts in the sanctuary and I've returned from the field with much worse than a couple of scratches and bruises. So if he's upset it's for another reason."

"Regardless, Anora, he's right, you need an escort when you're out in the field."

"An escort?" she replied bitterly.

"Yes, you have been known to get some pretty nasty gashes, wounds, burns, what have you. It would be good to have someone with you, just in case you needed serious attention quickly."

"So it's just me then, I'm the only one who needs an escort around the sanctuary?"

Greg looked to Nicola who didn't say anything.

She pulled the back of her shirt down even though Sebastian hadn't finished.

"Where are you going?" Nicola asked her.

"I'm going back to the cabin apparently where I should be wrapped in bubblewrap." Anora huffed.

Anora was fuming when she returned to the cabin. Iggy walked out to beg for food but soon realized it was not the time to do so as his owner plopped herself onto the sofa with a grunt.

"Unbelievable...they think I need an escort now whenever I head into the field. So who's going to accompany me, one of those gits out there who don't have a clue as to what they are doing...that's what I really need. Everyone is ignoring the fact that I did walk out of the situation alive and in pretty damn good shape."

She folded her arms over her chest.

"Oh you've been getting some cuts and burns, Anora." she said mocking Greg's voice. "Yeah, no kiddin', we work with dragons not teddy bears"

Iggy settled himself in her lap in attempts to calm the fiery woman when Charlie finally returned.

"Anora!" he called out.

"I'm right here." she said hotly.

He walked over to her in a hurry.

"Are you alright?" he asked crouching down.

"Did you recommend that I have an escort?" she asked him.


"Did you or did you not recommend to Greg and Nicola that I have an escort with me when I'm in the field?"

Charlie swallowed but stood up. "Yes I did."

"Did you recommend it specifically for me or for everyone?"

"Honestly, specifically for you."

Anora arose knocking Iggy off her lap.

"Where do you get off suggesting something like that, Weasley?" she said to him.

"Is it going to take you losing a limb like Kettleburn for you to come to your senses and realize how reckless you are?" Charlie lashed back at her.

"Reckless?" she growled. "I'm not reckless. What happened today was nothing of my doing! It was a battle over dominance between two females!"

"And all the other times?"

"What about all the other times?"

"There are multiple occasions where you could have gotten seriously hurt."

"And your point is? I knew the dangers when I decided to come with a dragon sanctuary. I didn't think it was going to be all unicorns and sunshine."

"Yeah well, maybe the sanctuary wasn't a good idea for you." Charlie said averting his gaze.

"Excuse me?!" Anora stomped over to him. "What did you say?"

"It was a mistake for you to come here Anora, you shouldn't be here."

Anora backed away from him in shock that he would say such a thing. "Is that what you really think?" she asked him quietly.


Before Charlie could say anymore, Anora turned away from and left to the bedroom slamming over the door enough to make the cabin shake.

Charlie fell onto the sofa holding his head in his hands.

"What have I done?"

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