"So what now?" I ask after we had been sitting in silence for a few minutes.

"Now we sleep." Josh told me, pulling back the blanket of my bed.

"Cool." I jumped off Kiran's lap and threw myself onto the mattress.

"You're so weird." Josh laughed and fell on top of me.

"So. You've. Said." I said, panting as, jeesh, he weighs a tonne.

"What's wrong?" He asked, trying to hide the smile and not laugh.

"You. Weigh. A. Fuck. Load." I said, dying underneath him.

He rolled off me, smirking. "Yeah, it's my biceps and abs."

"Yeah well, they weigh a lot and you could've killed your poor little mate." I whined. Rolling into a ball with a pout on my face.

"Yeah, you're not poor, or little." He laughed.

"Oi, I'm only 5'4 and that's little compared to like, the world." I said grumpily.

"Okay, well at least not in personality." He laughed at me, again.

"Fuck you." I said, still pouting.

"Please do." He quoted me from before.

I growled at him and he just started laughing harder. "Did you just growl at me?" He got between breaths.

"Yes." I muttered.

"It was utterly pathetic." He told me.

"Why thanks." My words were dripping with sarcasm.

"At least it was cute." I said in a baby voice, grabbing me and pulling my towards him.

Despite my struggles.

He still put me in his lap and nuzzled me like a child.

Fucking dick.

"One of these days, someone - who will probably be me - is going to beat the shit out of you." I told Josh, struggling to get out of his hold.

"I'd pay to see that." Kiran laughed from my desk where he sat in front of his computer.

"And people are going to watch." I said.

"Yeah, well. You wouldn't do much damage with those little hands of yours." He laughed at me.

Okay, so maybe I snapped and overreacted. Looking back, I probably didn't need to pin him in three seconds, and put him in a position where I could snap his neck.

But I did that, and brought up the day we met, and the fact I'm the best warrior in my pack.

And I know how to move like a witch.

And I can kill men three times my size.

As an 8 year old.

So maybe I went overboard threatening him and probably scaring him, and Kiran.

Just a little bit.

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