Chapter 8: That Tension Tho

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That spat between Scarlet and I really got me twitching, it really did. Mentioning her name even got me twitching too, she's just ugh. When I was heading to fifth period, Vera's annoying, nosey ass came out of nowhere.

She kept my pace when she asked, "You and Scarlet still arguing?? Well, I knew both of you would end up not liking each other, I mean look, both of you girls talk shit, so what do you expect?"

I rolled my eyes and walked even faster when she called, "See you later Autumn!"

I turned the corner and bumped into someone. The girl stumbled back, I got a quick look at her face and realized it was Scarlet. "Watch where you're going," she growled.

"Look who's talking," I snapped. "Watch it-" she warned.

I cut her off, "Or what, you'll fight me?? I doubt it since I know what you and your little 'friend' were up too." She narrowed her eyes, pushed past me, and rushed into the sea of students.

That's what I thought. I kept my pace and spotted Callie all over Dean. Wasn't he Elena's boyfriend? Oh well, that's what the both of them get.

Four hours later, in class I sat in the middle, glancing around in my surroundings. Callie walked in, glared at me, and shuffled to her seat in the back.

Mr. Kenny started teaching and Lenna called, "I have to take a piss!"

He turned around and answered, "Ask the right way."

"Can I take a piss please??" He nodded and she sped out of the classroom.

Mr. Kenny would not stop talking. "Shut the fuck up," I groaned loudly.

He glared at me and handed me a pink detention slip and said, "I hope you shut up as well."

"The feeling is among us all, so I don't care," I snorted.

"That's ok, let's see where your grade goes," he replied.

"Let's see where this slip goes right up your ass-," the class roared with laughter.

"I'll help you too, Autumn!" Tyler offered. The class erupted in a fit of giggles when Mr. Kenny's face turned as red as a tomato, he continued teaching.

The bell rang and all of us filed out of the classroom, I heard Mr. Kenny call, "Serve that detention today, Ms. Lewis!!"

I rolled my eyes and Jett came towards me saying, "There's going to be a fight between Adam and Josh."

Josh?? He doesn't even do much, what the hell?? We went in the direction where the huge crowd was standing and someone swing.

I knew that was Josh's arm. He had Adam on the floor as he was knocking him out. Mr. Callson and other students separated them and hauled them off to the assistant principal's office.

Jett and I headed to her locker as she got her chemistry book. There was no sign of Scarlet as usual, typical no show, I giggled at my own thought. Callie glared at me when she walked by and muttered, "Scum ass bitch."

"I dare you to say it louder," I paused, waiting for her response.

"Scum ass bitch!" she said.

Jett stood between us and pushed Callie away. "That's right," Callie scoffed as she walked off.

When she was out of earshot I said, "That's why I'm going to tell everyone that she was all over Dean today."

Jett slapped my arm, "Are you serious?!"

I nodded and replied, "Yes, they were making out."

Her eyes almost popped out of her head and approved, "Girl, go tell, after what she said about you in class today, go ahead!"

A group of girls were walking by slowly when I replied loudly, "Yes, Mel's friends told me that Callie was pregnant with Dean's baby."

Jett didn't get the idea, but she caught on quickly and said, "Isn't he Elena's boyfriend?? Well, she is the splat that Elena cheated on him with."

"Aren't Callie and Ali an item too??" The group of girls stopped and whispered amongst themselves. "Is it true??" a girl with blonde hair and brown roots asked.

Jett and I nodded. They ran off to tell other people and the gossip was around the school in no time.

Andrea rushed up to me, still looking stressed after her Ali drama. "So that bitch is pregnant??" I nodded.

She replied, "That's what that Callie gets, ugly ass, loose hoe," she stormed down the hallway.

I chuckled, Jett said, "I'm going to class now," she walked to Ms. Lomes class. Vera and Daisy pranced by, giggling about the latest gossip.

I passed by Mr. Peny and Mr. Kelt whispering, "Yeah, I heard she's pregnant, these kids nowadays are getting pregnant way too fast."

I rolled my eyes, he's the one that's trying to impregnant one of them, I thought.

"What the fuck?! That's not true, I'm not pregant!! Who the fuck said I was??!" Callie screeched.

"Lauren," one of the students fake coughed loud enough for everyone to hear.

Lauren Seas stood there, with a smirk, she was clearly taking credit for something I started, great for her! Callie ran towards her, but Mr. Peny caught up to her just in time. Other teachers rushed in and hauled them to the assistant principal's office before the fight started.

Some shit will be started soon, trust me.

Two weeks later, Scarlet and I haven't spoken to each other in a while, whatever. I kissed my mom on the cheek and headed out the door and hopped into my car. I pulled up at the school and went inside.

Speaking of the bitch, Scarlet stood by my locker, acting like she owned it. I walked up to her and said, "Move."

She stood there and didn't move. "No, I'm waiting for Jett," she replied.

"There's other places to stand, don't hang around my locker, acting like you own it when you don't even own your fucking whack ass vintage boots that you got from your cousin," I snapped.

"Oh really?? Shouldn't I tell everyone that it was you who told that lie about Callie??"

"Should I tell everyone that it was you who pushed someone off of their roof because their 'friend' told you too??"

She narrowed her eyes when I replied, "You're lucky they're still alive, or would you want me to display the pictures and add little bit, saying, oh I don't know, you tried to murder them on a dare??" I pretended to ponder by tapping my chin.

Wouldn't that be wrong for me to tell that awful secret, ruin her appearance and send her to jail, now who would do a thing like that?? Me, of course.

Jett came in between us and muttered, "Autumn, let's go."

She and I walked away, leaving Scarlet dumbfounded. "What the hell was that about??" she hissed.

"She was-," Vera and Daisy appeared and interrupted me and said, "That little scuffle was out of hand, wasn't it? Girls like you can't keep your hands off of each other." I glared at Vera while Daisy stood there quietly.

"Why don't you mind your business so everyone can be happy??" I replied, clearly irritated, I grabbed Jett's wrist and bumped past her.

We turned the corner and I said, "That's it, I'm about to ruin that bitch."

Nina walked by us when I called,"Nina, over here!" she came over with a questionable look on her face.

"Ali told me that Vera was about to vandalize someone's house."

Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she said, "I knew she was crazy!" she rushed down the hallway and the news was spread around just like that.

Jett turned to me and panicked," Whose house??"

"Karina because she cheated her out of a seat at Princeton," I breezed.

"So, tonight at five in the morning when she and her family leaves the house, we're heading to Karina's house. Bring a hammer, sharpie, rocks, or whatever you can find," I planned hurridly.

This was going to be crazy.

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