Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 

Throughout the next day I heard students singing what I started yesterday and Peeves was even singing it just to annoy Snape. I couldn't help but laugh when I hear it. We sang it at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner until the point that the teachers, except Dumbledore, were burnt out on it and were annoyed by it. No one but Peeves dared to sing it in front of Snape because they were afraid he'd not only put them in detention but he'd also torture them in class. Even Fred and George never sang it in front of him and that surprised a couple of people and a few teachers as well. Harry got the Seeker position on the Quidditch team! I don't know how he did it but that's an amazing feat for a first year because first years aren't allowed to have a broom, so therefore they can't try out for Quidditch. I must say that I'm very proud of him. I thought about trying out for Quidditch but I think I'd rather cheer in stands then having to worry about Bludgers all the time out on the field and those Slytherins play dirty when it doesn't go their way. I never got the chance to read my letter that I got from Uncle Moony because of all the interruptions I got from Fred, George, and every other Gryffindor that walked into the Gryffindor common room and also Hermione, Lavender, and Parvati walk into our room when I'm going to try and read it. I'm afraid to read it in the library for someone might read it over my shoulder without me noticing it. It's my letter and it's personal so I don't anyone to read it. Also I'm a little afraid of Uncle Moony's response. I decided to suck it up and went into the library and went to the farthest corner of the room and hesitantly unfolded the letter when I was sure no one was anywhere near me. 


I'm not angry with you, so please don't cry. I don't mean to be mean in any way but if you wrote him a letter, they probably wouldn't even let him read it. They'd probably read it and taunt him about it. Azkaban doesn't have the nicest of guards in there. There are human guards in there as well and they're probably pretty close or worse than some of the criminals in there, so you'd just waste time writing him, but I won't stop you if you do write him and send it off to him. Just know that the guards there aren't just going to give it to him after reading it without taunting him. Although he probably wouldn't have cared if they did taunt him; he never really cared much about stuff like that. Before you do send it off though, I'd advise you take it to Dumbledore because I don't think an owl would make it out there and if it did it might end up dying or something because there are things out there that will eat anything.'re right, I don't entirely believe that Sirius is innocent. I won't know until I've had proof and please don't go and try to prove it. The only way anyone could do that is if they could prove Pettigrew is alive. But please, and I beg you please don't try to prove it. If Sirius can prove it, let him and I just know he'll find a way. So please don't do anything rash. I love you too. I only worry because you have your father's personality. Now please behave and please try your best in school. I don't want another letter coming in telling me that you've got another detention. 

Uncle Moony 

I sighed in relief. He's not mad. I grinned at the last sentence though. I folded the letter back up and put it in my pocket and left the library. I really need to stop worrying myself so much over this. Uncle Moony isn't the kind of person to yell even if he does get mad. Although I've never seen him really angry so I guess I don't really know. I shook my head. Stop thinking that. I scolded myself. "Lizzie? What are you doing?" Harry asked me as he, Ron, and Mione were walking my way. I had stopped in the middle of the hall. 

"You know what? I don't know. I was thinking about some things and didn't even notice that I stopped." I said grinning. He and Ron rolled their eyes and Mione stared at me concerned. 

"Is everything alright at home?" Mione asked. 

"Yeah, everything's fine Mione." She nodded. 

"Okay, if you ever need someone to talk to..." I smiled. 

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