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A year ago on this exact date (16th December 2015) I posted the first part of The Girl He Left Behind. I was inspired by my anger towards how much 'slutty' characters were dehumanized in books and decided to give a character such as that, a bit more to them.

It has now been a whole year, over 7 million reads, over 200 thousand votes, over 40 thousand fantastic comments and a watty award. It has been a crazy and amazing year. You guys have been so uplifting and motivational in the comments. You've sent me PM's of your own stories and how my little story somehow affected you. You've made that book something special and something that we can be proud of.

I am always so honoured and blown away by the response that book has got. You've made it one of the most enjoyable writing experiences ever. You guys managed to keep our book #1 in short story consecutively for a month after it was completed! You are brilliant and without you guys, that story would be nothing. The meaning would be lost. You guys brought it to life.

I wrote and completed that story when I was 15 around the end of February so it's almost been a year since its completion too! This is probably long overdue and I did attempt this before but it didn't work out. Now I've had months away from TGHLB and have had loads of time to think about this book. So...

In honour of TGHLB's first birthday I have decided to give it a sequel!

This book will start a couple months after TGHLB when all the previous characters have graduated high school. This will be more a story of healing than the first book which was to prove a point and send a message. This is more of a romance and is just a way to give the characters closure!

I am very very excited for it. This book will be set up the same as TGHLB with short chapters but many of them. I really hope you guys like this book as much as I currently love to write it.

I can't thank you enough and I can't do enough to show how amazing you are and how amazing you have made me feel writing TGHLB. Thank you and I hope to see you here soon!

- Tahlie x

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