Hollows - Chapter 1

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Overall, this is a project and I am trying to polish it to perfection. So all that I ask is if you read this, please point out any miss spellings, mistakes, plot holes or what not you may see. I'm trying to catch all the problems as I edit. But I am miles away from perfect in that department. Beyond that, reviews would be great too. Stay honest though. I appreciate pure honesty, so no sugar coating please.

Chapter 1: Shattered

When come the bride and groom walks down the aisle and the priest says, “And now you may kiss the bride,” it is a kiss of true love. There’s this spark between the couple. Often times within the next couple years they decide to have kids. And then somewhere in the years after the one of two things happen. One is that the spark stays. It may grow brighter and dimmer throughout the years. But it remains there. It’s  a traditional happy apple pie American family. Something that grows even rarer as the years go on. The second is that times became hard, and that spark goes away. Economy becomes a strain as they struggle to get food on the table. The parents don’t have time for the children so they resent them. One will often work harder to keep things together as for the other one will not be able to handle the stress. True, at one point or another, hard times can bring people together but when one tries to escape by becoming an alcoholic it can tear a family apart. And that is when everything is shattered. The family is officially broken.

Mary Kerrington had this happen and she was at the end of her rope. To find that her do nothing husband had lost his job and just sat around the house drinking was on thing. She wasn’t the only woman in the world with a dead beat husband. Her children weren’t the only kids with a dead beat dad. He wasn’t abusive. He was just useless.

 Then she soon came to discovery that her husband had drained the money that they had worked so hard to have any a girl named Tiffany from the red light district. She was prostitute. That was the last straw.

Rodney and Miles remained up stairs their room that night. Rodney locked the door. And sat down by his brother on the bed. Miles was crying. They were yelling a lot and he just wanted them to be a family again. Their dad threw a beer bottle at Miles as he was going into a drunken rage. He never had been he was abusive before.

Miles was only eleven. He wasn’t use to being abused. He had a large bloody crevice on the side of his scalp. Blood was drenching his shaggy brown hair.

Rodney (Who as thirteen) held his brother as he cried. He held him close not saying a word. He sat on the bed listening to his brother’s sniffles and the nightmare down below. Miles shivered and was pale. Help was coming so he held him tight, ignoring the blood soaking through his clothes.

“You damn bitch!” he screamed. “After all I done for you and you want a divorce. Take everything I own and the kids with it!”

“Frank. I can’t take this shit any more. That damn money was meant to help all us to pay bills put food the table.”

“Now you’re just bitching.”

“I’m only talking about surviving. There is not a bit of food in this house. Not a dime in either of our pockets and no paycheck for two week because you had to spend it on some damn hooker.”

“Oh, so it’s my fault?”

“Oh yes. It is, you bastard!”


 Tears and blood ran down Mile’s arm and soaked into his  jeans.

“I just want us to be a family again,” Miles mumbled.

“I don’t think that is going to happen,” Rodney said.