Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minutes in Heaven

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You sighed as you walked up to Tamaki Suoh's mansion; your over flamboyant friend. He called you earlier saying that it was important to get to his house as soon as possible.

Once you walked through the large double doors, you were ushered by one of Tamaki's servants to a large ball room. There you found balloons, streamers, food and drinks, and everything else a rich kid would have for a random friendly party. The whole host club was standing in the middle of the room holding drinks, resting from setting up - which probably wasn't must since they have other people to do it for them. Tamaki noticed you and bounced over to where you were.

"What do you think of this wonderful party?" he asked with sparkles in his eyes.

"Uh, it's good, but wheres the rest of the people?" you asked pointing out the only ones present was you and the host club.

"They are coming later, I wanted you to be the first one to see it!" he spread out his arms and smiled wide.

"Oh, thanks Tamaki," you said flattered.

"Well, help yourself to any of the refreshments and you can find me if you need anything," he told you. You nodded and walked towards the table with the food. You picked up a piece of your favorite fruits and nibbled on it. Haruhi walked up to you and you smiled at her; you were one of the ones that knew she was a girl outside of the host club.

"Whatcha thinking of?" you ask. She sighed and looked up into your eyes.

"Still trying to figure out how Tamaki-senpai's mind works. But it's too exhausting, so I'm giving up," she answered. But before anything else be said, Tamaki came back to you again.

Hey! I forgot to tell you that I learned a new commoners game! It's called 7 minutes in heaven! I heard that it was really fun and cool," he said excited.

"Do you know what your supposed to do?" Haruhi asked warily. Obviously with her being a 'commoner' she knew the rules of the game.

"Somebody told me that you choose something from a hat that belongs to somebody and you go into a closet together and have fun," he said but noticed our looks and got sad puppy dog eyes. "Is it wrong? I still don't understand most of it, but I thought it would be a fun game to play with everyone."

"Well you're supposed to have 'fun' alright," Haruhi said, "but it is way different than what you're thinking of." You agreed with her. You actually heard about this game too and definitely didn't want to be locked in a closet with some random person.

"Then let do it!" he says smiling again ignoring the warning and unsureness in Haruhi's voice.

"__! You get to choose first. But it has different colored cloth 'cause I thought it would make it more suspenseful that way," he pulled out a hat and pushed it closely in front of you.

"B-but, there's hardly anyone here still!" you protested.

"Don't worry it's just the host this time! Later we'll add people in. Please pick one," he begged. Your will power gave out under his puppy dog eyes and you sighed for the second time today. You guessed the others wouldn't know how to play 7 minutes in heaven as much as Tamaki did, so what could be the harm. Also you didn't want him pestering you for the rest of the party. You closed your eyes and stuck your hand in the hat, moved it around a bit, and pulled out a [color] cloth.

Pink - this one might get out today since I have half of it written, secretpoetrty101 will like this one ;)

Peach/Cream - this one is going to be hard -_-

Turquoise - wow he is an idiot :3

Red - ??? he's not an easy character to write about...

Black - o.o this one will be interesting, but at the end I need your vote to choose how it really ends

Green - Hmmm, what should I do for him?

Orange - yays! My favorite one <3

Blue and Purple stripes - oooh what fun ;D


sorry for any errors! I don't want to check it right now -_-' I bet you guys can't wait :D I can't either! So I better get writing, please tell me what you think of them! None are in a specific order, but I can ansure you that Pink will come out first :3 Hope I didn't forget anything and I love you!

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