Chapter 62 ~ Halloween Special Part 3

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Chrissy POV:

I opened my eyes and I was facing my bed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I fell asleep on my desk. That explains the dream I had last night. What time is it? I looked to the clock, I'm late. I'm so so late right now! Oh well its only school. I turned my computer back on. Okay let's see I gotta fix this and I need to know how. I opened up another tab not wanting to lose the information of my family's past.

How to undo a witch hex?

Okay let's see, that doesn't look helpful. Oh how about! No. Uh this one looks trustful, it's Wikipedia that's always got truthful information, regardless if my teacher says otherwise. Okay maybe it's not always a hundred percent truthful but it's still got some good stories about the past and other famous people. Okay maybe it's not a good source but you never know because people wrote their own things on there, so maybe a witch put it up to help other witches? Maybe? Possibly. I don't know. Wby don't they have a website that's only for witches to help out other younger witches. The ones who screw up a lot. Oh! And to keep the secrets of ancestors we use a password that only witches can use like uh well what's something only witches know about? Cortez! The Royal family!! That's it I'm going to make a website ASAP! Well after I fix what I did. Okay let's see..

In order to reverse a hex you casted, first you need to take responsibility of exactly what you did, know how you did it, why you did it. After that you'll need something to connect what you did. Once you've got that do the opposite of what you did to make the hex. Finally, the last step to make this work is stop doing drugs and pretending you're a witch that can hex people.

Motherfucker!! I actually think my teacher was right. Damn it after that there's probably nothing believable on here. I sighed and slouched in my chair. Fucking internet trolls. Wait a second. Why is hex slightly bold and witch? I moved the mouse cursor over witch and its a link. I clicked on it and it took me to a page.

Last step is to mix whatever is connecting you to the hex and or thing you hexed together to milk or water. Next mix that to some type of beverage then have the person drink it. This should help reverse what you did.

Okay so I need something to connect all of them. But what though? Oh I've got it! Okay first where are my.. Oh I've got it okay now I've got to go! I ran half way towards Sams house before I realized I need something to put it in. Okay Chrissy uh just imagine something that I can put each of them in. Then a few small tubes with lids popped in my hand. Man I could get used to this having whatever I want, well I mean I already kind of do with my dad being rich and all. But I'm not really a daddy's girl.. anymore. Okay now to Sams! I ran until I reached his house then I calmly walked in. Okay so how am I supposed to do this?

"Chrissy!! Where have you been it was so confusing today as Embry!!" Paul yelled

"Hey Paul oh sorry I was hey what's that in your hair?" I asked and pulled out a hair or two or three.


"Sorry I got it" I smiled sweetly and put the hairs in the tube behind my back. Okay got Paul's now we need everyone else's. "Embry you should let me do Paul's eyebrows" I winked Embry always let me do his.

"Okay go ahead."

"No don't!!!" I grabbed my tweezers from my pocket and yanked a few hairs from Paul's eyebrow before getting tackled to the ground by Embry or Paul. It was Embry but Paul was in his body, there that makes sense in a world of witches, shape shifters, and vampires. Totally normal. Fuck I hope I got the hairs in the tube in time.

"Will you get your ass off of me!" I yelled

"Don't. Ever. Pluck. The. Eyebrows. Again. Understand?" He snarled at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay okay just get off of me." I groaned not wanting to get all turned on again like earlier this morning.. Um yeah that happened.

"Okay but I mean it!" He said getting off. I lay on the floor pouting like a baby looking at Paul.

"What's your problem?" Sam asked walking in.

"He tackled me." I sat up giving Sam a cautious look.

"So? Get up or you'll have to clean the floor you're laying on with a toothbrush." He commanded. My mouth opened as I looked at him and I heard the boys gasp. I stood up and walked past Jared in Sam's body yanking a hair out and putting it in another empty tube. I then walked up to Sam and yanked a hair from his head. He growled at me before I ran out. When I got home I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed the blender and some milk I then ran up to my room locking the door. I poured the milk in the blender and put each of the wolves hair in it, I then grabbed some strawberry shake mix from the kitchen and poured that in. I'm missing something.

"Okay lets see admit what I've done? Check. Get something to connect the boys? Check. Something to mix it with? Check. Something else to make it a drink? Check. Figure out how I did it? Not check. How did I do this? Okay think Christian think." I was called and then I began yelling at them because they were fighting.. "So I yelled at them so what big deal I always yell at them"

But what did you yell at them exactly?

A small voice in my head asked. That they don't know what it's like in each others shoes.. They wouldn't last a day or week.

And did they last a day?

Well yeah they kind of did.

So what's the next step.

They would drink this and in a week change back to their bodies?

Exactly child.

But Halloween is in a week..

Something magical always happens on Halloween be who you are child.

How do I do that?


But how?

Visit your family culture be true to who you are. You don't belong here. You can only be one. It's unnatural to have two.

Two what? Two what?

"Two what!" I almost yelled. What does that mean? I can only be one? How w-what does that even mean?

You don't belong here..

The voice repeated. I frowned. I'm going crazy right now, I held my head. Okay I've got to get this to the guys. I walked back to Sams with bottles filled with strawberry smoothies.

"Who wants a Halloween treat?" I asked walking inside.

"What is it?" Paul asked.

"A smoothie! Here try it!" I gave him the bottle and the rest of the guys grabbed one as well. "Here Sam." I said giving it to him. He looked at my hand before taking it and drinking it.

"Not bad."

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