The Nightmares

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I looked out to the people in the crowd. People were sobbing. Arthur had a look of disgust on his face while Gwen was staining his shirt with tears. The knights had distaste across their lips as they looked at me. People were screaming out.

"Kill him!"

"Make him feel pain!"

"Burn the sorcerer!"

I feel the flames begin to lick at my knees. The flesh melting. My skin bubbling and tearing away from muscles and the fire is about to reach my stomach when I'm shaken awake by a pair of firm hands. Gaius. I jerk upwards and feel my sweat drenched clothes.

"Did I cry out?" I ask, breathlessly.

"Yes, Merlin. Are you alright now?"

"Yeah, sorry I woke you up. I didn't mean to. Go back to sleep, I'll be fine now."

"Are you sure Merlin. I don't want to leave you without knowing that you're fine."

"I'm okay, go back to sleep Gaius." He heads towards the door and throws a uncertain look over his shoulder as he gently closes my door. I breathe a huge sigh of relif. I'm not fine. That was the worst one this week. It's never the same. They differentiate between me being bunt at the stake to me being beheaded. So far I prefer the one where I'm beheaded. It's over much faster.

I slide down the bed trying to think happy thoughts. Gaius. Hunith. Kilgharah. Will. Poor Will. And Freya. Why did she have to die. Balinor. Father. I... I'm so sorry. I'm not the person you all thought I was.

I find myself drifting back into slumber after an hour or so. No dreams, just peaceful bliss. With around two hours extra sleep under my belt I awake, grab Arthur's breakfast, and head to wake his royal highness up.

"Merlin!!!!" Arthur's voice booms around the castle walls. Great, just great, I'm late. I begin to run down the corridor, being given smiles by those who know how annoying Arthur is, looks of concern by a couple of newbies and the rest are giving me distasteful looks like I murdered their gran.

I skid to Arthurs door, gently knock, and enter. He's sat up in bed. Scowling.

"Good Morning sire, here's your breakfast. I trust you slept well."

"You're late." Is the only reply I receive.

"Yes Arthur. I am. Sorry about that. I hope I doesn't happen again."

"You better hope Merlin. For your own sake. I need you to prepare the horses, prepare the packs and bring supplies down to the stable in 2 hours. A few of the knights and myself are going hunting for a few days."

"How many days are a few Arthur?" Please let it be short. Please let it be short. Please let it be short.

"Two maybe three." I almost let out I sigh of relif. "Weeks."

This can't be happening. I can't fend of the nightmare for that long. And I can't, not sleep for a fortnight.

"Do I have to come Arthur?" I ask, trying to hide the desperate tone in my voice.

"Awww, is little Merlin scared of the big, bad forest and all of the scary deer?" Arthur taunts. "Of course you have to come. Who else is going to annoyingly natter away as we ride? Huuhhh?" I don't say anything to contradict him. Arthur's mind is set, and there's no changing it now.

I walk out of the room saying "I'll do all that now Arthur."

*2 hours later*

The horses are ready, packs are all loaded. I had a minor fight with the cook about all the food I was taking but once I mentioned that it was for Arthur, and most of the knights of the round table as well, and promised to put a good word in I managed to snaffle a few extra pies which would make my life easier. All I could do now was wait. And wait. And wait. What on earth could be keeping them all. Finnaly, 15 minuets late, Arthur and his knights arrived.

"Merlin. You're here on time. We all just presumed that you would be late as always." Arthur said with a smirk on his lips.

"I packed extra pies and Gwen told me to tell you good luck." Arthur's face seemed to fall and he began to look kinda guilty. I guess he wasn't used to me being so beaten that I don't put up a fight. "Is everyone else ready to go." I ask turning to face the knights. There was a murmur of agreement. At last Arthur spoke again.

"Let's get going then." Everyone mounted their horses and we left the castle walls.

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