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They said way back then
When I was but a string of dreams
That the world was lacking in something.
I knew not what it could be.
But as I became more and more
And from air turned to snow
I thought just maybe, just maybe that I knew.

The air nipped and pulled and stretched at me.
The triangles shot out and sharpened.
Circles frosted and cracked over me.
I glistened in the sun as branches sprouted.

Air wrapped around me
Circling me in a tight embrace.
And I fluttered and I floated
And I glided through the air.

White and bright were my surroundings.
My being continued to stretch until I ached.
I again froze and cracked
Sunlight pierced through me
And I became a diamond.

I thought I could hear music.
It had a soft hum
Like waves on a shore and a choir of angels singing praise.

I began to spin slowly
As I reached out one last time.
I knew something was to happen
And soon it would occur.
And then as if it were a pillow
I was enveloped in a familiar feeling.

I watched as little dots twinkled like falling stars.
Their descent headed toward me.
Each was different but at the same time each so beautiful.
Is that what I look like? I thought. So strange in shape and form
So fragile and yet oh so elegant?

The world was lacking in beauty
And I was a snowflake
Sent to bring magic and peace for just a few seconds.
I would melt into my surroundings soon
Lost in body and in time.
And yet I wasn't sad.
Rather I was in awe
That while no one would remember me
There would not be one
Single little piece of ice
To ever flutter to the ground
That would ever

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