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I saw Chad's hand extend, he was going to hit me. I tried pushing him off when I felt it, the slap. It literally pushed me to the floor. I face was numb, and my ears where ringing. I looked to see Anastasia running towards me, I also saw Chad lifting his leg to kick me. I closely eyes and waited for the impact, but it never came. I opened my eyes to see Chad on the floor unconscious and Anastasia's hands glowing green. I gasped, but it was muffled with a cry. My face was swollen and bruised for sure. Anastasia walked slowly towards me and kneel down. Her hands were still glowing green, and she hesitantly move it towards my face. I flinched.

"It's okay, I am going to heal you." she whispered. I lean towards her, and she press her hands on face. I can feel this sense of warmth and my nerves speeding through my system. After a few minutes it was over, my face felt relieved. Anastasia looked nervous like she didn't know what was going to happen, I touched her shoulder and smiled.

She smiled back, "You are not going to run away and tell everyone?"



"Because you are my friend."

She hugged me, "Thank you."


So far the first three classes went well, Anastasia and I were forgiven for our tardiness for today. Chad didn't appear till second period, but it seems he had no memory of want happen. I just continued on with the day as usual, but now is lunch. I saw Miranda sitting on one of the tables, it seems she was talking to her friends. I took a deep breath, and walked towards her direction. Miranda saw me coming and glared, I stopped and looked at my feet. I need to do this, if I turn around, what are the chances of another shadow coming to attack me tonight? I took a deep breath again and kept going towards her direction, it felt agonizing, I can also feel the tension of the cafeteria getting quiet.

"Umm, hi Miranda, I was wondering if I may have a word with you please?" I asked kindly.

She smirk, "What does Ms. Moon want to ask little old me?"

I looked around, the cafeteria grew silent and everyone's eyes were on me. I coughed, "Can we please talk in private?"

She slant her eyes and gave me a menacing look, "And why in the world would I waste my precious time for you?" she spat.

I growled, "I am just asking for a moment, not eternity. If you are not kind enough for just even that then fine! You are not even a good person for I can waste my time with."

Majority of the students gasped, even I was shocked, I never spoken to anyone liked that. I always been so shy and isolate, but not even the first week in school and I already stood up to one of the most feared students in school. Miranda slowly got of the table, with her high heels she was a few inches taller than me, but I still stood my ground. She walked in a circular motion around me.

"Well, well looks like little Ms. Moon does have some glow to her." she snickered.

"No I don't, but I have a good reason to talk to you, or else I wouldn't be talking you." I retorted.

She grunted, "Fine I will have a word with you, but not today. I have a very romantic date with my fiancé Prince Chad," she gave a triumphant smile, "tonight, and I need to look extra beautiful for him. I will talk to you tomorrow morning before school starts." And with that she move back to the table and and continued talking to her friends.

I looked around and saw almost every student mouth hanging open, even Anastasia's. I walked towards her direction and pulled her towards the lunch line. I am starving.


"Wow, you home is so beautiful." said Anastasia in awe.

I giggled, "Imagine how I felt when I found out I was living here."

"Why did you even moved here?"

I stopped walking, "I am not ready to talk about it."

She nodded, "Was it that terrible?"

"It still haunts me at times." I whispered.

We walked towards my room and sat on my bed. She took out her homework and I did the same. Michael knocked on the door even though we left it open. "Good afternoon Ms. Moon, would your guest and yourself like some lunch and snacks brought up to your room?"

"Hi Michael, I would very appreciate it very much if you do. What is there to have?" I asked.

Michael chuckled, "Ms. Moon, anything you want to eat we will prepare."

I looked at Anastasia who giggled, "Can we please have some ham sandwiches please?" she asked sweetly. I swear she can make candy look bad when she uses that tone.

Michael nodded, "And for snacks and drinks?"

"For snacks anything simple, and for drinks peach ice tea," Anastasia nodded, "for both of us."

Michael nodded, gave a small bow and left.

"He takes his job seriously huh?" giggled Anastasia.

"Yes, he does but he is very nice as well." I said.

"Is this the good witch Anastasia or the bad one Miranda?" whispered Dimitri right next to my ear. I squealed and jumped which cause Anastasia to scream and fall of the bed. She busted out in laughter and I just chuckled nervously. My heart was racing, and I was trying to not look at Dimitri because I didn't want Anastasia to believe I am insane. Once she stood up and look at me then to Dimitri, she stopped laughing and her eyes got wide.

"Are you okay?" I squeaked.

She just kept a straight face and nodded.

"She can see me." said Dimitri.

Anastasia gasped, "Wait you can see the ghost that is next to you?"

"Yes, and I also knew you are a witch." I mumbled.

Anastasia grew pale, but it got worst when Dimitri told her, "And we know that you sister Miranda is trying to kill Emily with shadows."

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