#How you meet

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You are Phil's daughter. You grow up with stories about Captain. Phil have took you with him to get Steve. You thought it was funny when your dad started talking about how he watched Steve sleeping. ^_^

You worked at SHIELD. You were level 7 agent. Nick trusted you so he send you with Phil to get Stark. At first you didn't like him, but eventually you grow fond of him.

You were on fighting along side with Steve and Natasha when he attacked. When his mask fall of Steve recognized him as a Bucky. You promised Steve you would help him get his friend back.

You met him when he came at SHIELD to help with his brother. At first he didn't talk much but you found him really interesting when he spoke to you.

Natasha and you went to get him from Calcutta. He wasn't very happy about leaving but you reassured him it would be fine. You two talked all the way to SHIELD base.

He kidnapped you and took you to Germany as his date to the party. You were really scared when he made all people kneel. Than Captain came and took you and Loki to SHIELD. Nick wanted you to join to Avengers because of your powers. He was looking for you for years and had finally found you. You accepted and joined them.

You were an Avenger. When you went to take Loki's scepter he was on the bad side but you still thought he was cute. Later he and his sister joined Avengers.

You were assassin and you were supposed to get a new partner. Nick give you Clint as a partner. To two of you clicked instantly. You became best friends.

#Sorry it's short. I promise I'll do longer.

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