♠️Cheering on you secretly-Takao Kazunari

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It was another day in Shutoku. Another day where you tried to express yourself to Takao Kazunari. You've been in love with him for years yet you didn't have the courage to confess.

'Sigh... I wish there is a potion where I could express myself freely but wouldn't it be bad? I mean, if I could express myself freely then I might say things I should not or I don't mean.' You sighed lightly as you walked towards your classroom.

Once you entered, you quickly sat on your chair and took out your notebook. Inside were drawings of things like anime, sketch and some patterns for basketball, volleyball and soccer. You may not want to make yourself known but secretly, you give this to the coach and let them use it. They really wanted to know who's the person responsible for this but as silent as possible you tried to avoid being noticed.

"(First name)-chan! Are you going to watch our practice later?" A voice asked from behind. You looked over to the person who said that and it was Takao. You slightly blushed but composed yourself and said that you couldn't go since you need to do something. Truth is, you plan on giving some tactics to soccer and football team today. You might try to visit their gym though.

"That's sucks. Maybe tomorrow?" He pleaded. You laughed lightly and give a nod. He grinned and told you a lot of stories within their team. You were glad that he talks to you since you were really a shy one and only a few do talk to you.

"Speak of the devil, here comes Mr. Carrot. Shin-chan!" He greeted your green-haired classmate.
"What is it nanodayo?" Midorima asked grudgingly. You laughed nervously and watched their amusing bickering. It made you laugh a little louder and it surprised Takao. You stopped laughing when you didn't hear them bickering and noticed that they were looking at you. You blushed and told them to continue their convo.

"You should smile and laugh more (First name)-chan!" He encouraged but you just smiled. He smiled back sadly.

Soon, classes started and the first subject was Math. Time passed by quickly. You ate lunch with them, talked about things and laughed with Takao's joke while Midorima started to get irritated.

~After Class~

"Okay. I just need to give these things to the soccer and football team." You said to yourself. You picked up your bag and went to the field. You noticed that they were not there so you quickly put it in their coaches chair. Same with the football team.

After a nerve wracking stealth mission, you went to the basketball gym and caught them still practicing. Coach Nakatani noticed you and you nodded in greeting. He smiled and pointed upwards. You saw that there were no one there. You quickly went there and watched them play with their best. You noticed Takao panting lightly. You cheered for him secretly.

"Do your best Takao." You whispered as you looked at the team. You usually do this especially when you wanted to support them during the Winter Cup Finals. It's not being a stalker but you silently cheer on him, the team as well. You knew how passionate they really were.

They were about to finish practicing. You tried to get out of there as early as possible so you nodded silently to Coach Nakatani and left. What you didn't know was that Takao caught a glimpse of you. He was not sure if it was entirely you but he'll know it from you.

~The Next Day~

" *yawn* Great... I'm so sleepy right now. I shouldn't have stayed up late to watch their game and form some strategies." You mumbled as you made your way towards school. Since it was early, you quickly went to the teachers' office and submitted the papers to Coach Nakatani. He thanked you and asked if you'd like to be their manager. You just smiled and shook you head no.

"That's a shame then."
"It's fine. At least I could cheer your team and help you coach.".
"I know you really cheer them up especially Takao. Why don't you tell him what you feel lass?" He asked intently.
"I don't have enough courage. I'm a bit frightened that's all."
"You shouldn't. Takao's a great man. I'm sure that he'll like you." He assured you. All you could do is smile sweetly at him.

You exited the office and went to your classroom. It was still early so only a few people were there like maybe 3 or 4. What surprised you was that he was there.

'What the hell is he doing here this early?' You thought as you looked at the raven haired player. He noticed you and so he came to you.

"Are you going to watch us practice today? You promised right?" He insisted. You nodded with a sweet smile which made him blush a bit. You didn't notice it though. You almost forgot to ask why he was early. Luckily, you didn't.

"Why are you early Takao?"
"Hmm? I thought you wouldn't ask. I need to talk to you alone (First name)-chan." He said. You going yourself being pulled out the classroom and towards the rooftop. It puzzled you why he was acting like this.

"Are you alright Takao?" You asked again once you've reached your destination. You were nervous.

"You were the one sending the strategies to the basketball, volleyball, soccer and football team right?" He asked. Damn. You were caught.


You smiled lightly and nodded your head. You explained it all but left some parts like silently cheering on them.

"I see. May I ask one more question?"
"Um.. Sure. You sure are curious now Takao."
"Sorta. This one is important though. Will you be mine?"
"W-Wha" You were interrupted by a kiss on the cheeks.

"I like for a long time now (First name). No matter how quiet you are. Your constant silent cheering for me is enough." He said with a smile. 'He knew!' Your face flamed up.

"So? What's your answer?" You looked unsure but he knew and he appreciated it.

"Thank you and...yes." You smiled sweetly at him. It made him blush madly. He shouted a yes very loudly I say and it made you laugh.

"Hahaha! You sure are a fun person Takao."
"Huh?" You were confused.
"Call me Kazunari."

"Then...Kazunari." You went near him and kissed his lips. He was shocked but soon kissed back. Once you pulled out, he was blushing madly.

"Hehehe. I'll watch later Kazu. Let's go?" You said as you held your hand out. He grinned. He reached for your hand and kissed it.

"Let's go my princess."


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