Chapter 15

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It's been a a week, and ever since I told Harry about my parent's death, we;ve gotten really close.  In a friendly way.  Not only that, but we've been thinking of ways to get me ready to get out of the house.

"So, what do I have to do?"  I asked as we stood by the garage door.

"So, I'm going to open the door, and your going to slowly, at your own pace, step towards the door.  If you're comfortable, you can go inside the garage."  Harry explained.

"How is this going to help?  The garage is closed."

"For now.  When you're ready, I'm going to open the garage."


"When you're in the garage."  He added.

I froze a little bit.  "Oh."  I breath, pushing hair out of my face.  "Okay, that makes it a little more scary."

"Don't worry.  All you have to do is go as far as you can.  You'll be fine, trust me."  Harry assured me.  I gulped and nodded as I stood a few feet from the door that Harry was now opening.

I took a deep breath and started to casually walk towards it.  "Well, this is far."  I said as I walked.  I slowed down as I reached the edge.  I stopped and turned to Harry.

"Go ahead, it's not outside.  It's like a room in the house.  With a gigantic door.  That leads outside.  Just take a step, okay?  The garage door isn't open."  Harry encouraged.

I moved my fingers a little bit at my side and took a step down so I was now in the garage.  I looked back at Harry who smiled, motioning for me to continue.  I faced forward again and took another step down so I could feel the cold cement ground of the garage.  I took slow but steady steps, closer and closer until I couldn't go any furthThe er.  only thing between me and outside was the humongous garage door.

I turned and faced Harry.  "Do you want me to open it?"  He asked me.  I glanced at the garage door before facing Harry again, nodding.  The garage door slowly opened, but not so quietly.  Finally, it revealed outside.  I was to take a step outside, but I saw Jake's car starting to pull in.  My eyes widened as he came toward me.  I screamed as he didn't stop, me paralyzed.  I was pushed out of the way and held me in their arms, Jake's car only inches away from me and who I could tell was Harry behind me.

The car stopped and Jake jumped out and rushed over to me.  "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"  He yelled at me.

Fear was still on my face, and I still had no idea what to stay.  "I-I was..."

"Jake, calm down.  Why can't she be in the garage?"  Harry spoke to me.

"Because I could've hit her!  You two are so stupid!  You haven't even been in here, why would you now?"  Jake continued yelling at me.

I gullped, a little afraid of Jake right now.  I've never seen him this angry!  "Well you should watch where you're going!  We were only here to help her get over her fear!"  Harry defended me.

"You can't!"

"Why not?"  I spoke up.  Jake looked at me.  I took a deep breath before repeating a little louder, "Why not?"

"'s not like I don't want you to, but you can't.  Not with Harry."

"You always say how much you want me to be social and get out of the house, and I'd be doing both if Harry helped me get outside!"  I explained.

"Caroline, I just don't want you leaving the house with Harry for the first time.  Got it?"  Jake told me before looking up at Harry.  "And as my friend, I want you to respect what I just said."  Jake left before going inside and shutting the garage door, leaving Harry and I alone in the garage.  What I don't understand, is why Jake made such a big deal about it.

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