I was  squished up against Daryl's arm, but I wasn't complaining. By now we have been waiting for an hour or so. I was growing restless. I went to peek over the bush, but Daryl grabbed my arm and stopped me. I looked to him and he shook his head.  I sighed. 

 "What are we going to do?" I whispered. Daryl nudged his head up slightly motioning for me to follow him. I followed him out going around my camp. He stopped near my tent and turned toward's me.         

 "Okay. Listen to me carefully. I'll distract them for as long as I can. In that time I want you to get as much as your stuff as possible. Got it?"

 "Are you crazy?" I hissed back.

 "That won't work!"        

 "Ya' got a better idea?" I paused, taking another chance to look at all the walkers. I counted twenty-two. I don't think Daryl could hold them all off and I definitly didn't want him to try.      

 "Maybe we could just come back another time?" I asked, looking down.  It probably sounded dumb, but I had no choice. We definitly couldn't go wtih Daryl's plan. All I could hear was the dead growling all around us. Then Daryl's presence left me. I looked up to see him walking back into the direction of the prison. I hurried after him as quickly and queitly as I could.  


 Once the prison got into view and the coast looked clear, I looked to Daryl wanting to say something, anything, but nothing came out. He looked almost angry.      

 Glenn opened the gate for us. When we stepped inside Daryl and I went our seperate ways. Me going into my tent and Daryl taking back gaurd duty. Glenn walked back into the prison, still tired, with no questions asked about my missing supplies.      

 I put my knife down then sat on the ground, thinking about Daryl. Does he hate me? I've never really done anything threatening. I sighed, putting my palm to my forehead. I'll just keep trying to be his friend. Daryl actually does seem genuinly nice and he could protect me...  

 If a horde attacked he'd be the first person I'd look for. I wish he'd do the same for me. I sat feeling myself already get too attatched to the strange redneck I had only met yesterday. To think, I had almost killed him.    


 Author's Note: Should I do Daryl's P.O.V? I'm not sure if I could do it right or I'l just mess everything up. But anyways, Comment and vote! ~ Amanda

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