First Set.

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I am amazed by all the questions you guys have!! I will be answering all of them but in different parts so here is the first set:)

How do you come up with something to write every day?

I don’t know actually, I just put headphones in and type. I don’t plan anything (except the big twist in the story) so it just comes out. I wish I had a better answer lol.

How do you write so fast?

I just make sure to make time, I absolutely love this story (not to sound conceited) but I really enjoy writing it and I want to make sure I make time to write it each day.

Do some chapters take longer than others to write?

Yes! When something big or more emotional than normal is happening it takes more time than a usual chapter. 

Did you think After would be so big?

No! Definitely not. I didn’t think anyone would read it! I remember when I got 2k reads and I was so excited!

What inspired you to write After?

It was a mixture of things, I love punk edits for one and I love fanfics so I just combined the two.  I made the story into everything that I would want to read I guess.

How did you come up with the title After?

I wanted a simple itile that would stick in minds.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Honestly, I would live in Texas still. I just love this state. It has everything you could ever want. I love traveling but Texas is my homebase.

In One Direction who do you have a soft spot for?

Harry and Liam. I love them all though!

If you moved to Mar’s what would you miss about Earth?


What’s your favorite story on Wattpad?

I have three, Dark and Dangerous Love , Who Will Win my Heart, and Strings Attached.

Have you ever been to a concert?
Yes! Tons. My  favorite was when I saw The Fray.

What is your favorite song?

My favorite song of all time is “Blood Bank” by Bon Iver. It is so beautiful and it has such a significant meaning to me. It is perfection.

What are your favorite books?

Ahh! This is going to be long hah. My favorite books are The Infernal Devices, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, The Giver, Jane Eyre, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades  , The House of Night series, The Chemical Garden Trilogy, and tons tons more .

What was your reaction to all the reads you have?

I am shocked and so happy each day as they grow! Its incredible!

Do you have any advice for anyone writing a fanfiction?

I don’t know if I should be giving writing advice hah but I will say don’t overthink it. Just write what comes to you. Don’t try to live up to what you think your story should be like. Just let it come. I never edit, (besides typos) and I barely ever reread the chapter before posting because I overthink things and I feel like over-editing or trying to use too many words can ruin the story.

What made After s famous?

I wish I knew!! Whenever I ask people how they found it they just say that someone told them about it! So word of mouth I guess ?

How can you write the sex scenes? Is it uncomfortable?

Not at all hah! It really isn’t uncomfortable because I feel like it’s such an important aspect of their story so it just comes naturally I guess.

How long does it normally take to write a chapter?

It takes about two-three hours.

Have you ever lost the motivation to write After?

No, never. I love writing this story, the day I lose the motivation will be the day it ends lol.

What apps do you use to make the edits of Harry and Tessa or the punk edits?

I don’t make them at all , I wish I knew how to make them lol. People who read the story make them for me!

If given the opportunity would you be an aardvark or mongoose?

Haha, I would go with mongoose I suppose because they are faster lol.

What do you think you will do next once the story is complete?

Write another J

What keeps you motivated to write everyday?

I feel like I am a reader when it comes to this story because everything just happens on it’s own, I only know what is going to happen about two hours before you guys so I find myself anxious to find out what’s next as well.

Do you have a favorite part of the book?

My favorite scene is the wedding. I love that we get to watch Harry really transform. I mean we see it throughout the book but I feel that the wedding scene really showcases how much he has changed for her.

Do you have any advice to get a book well known?

My only advice is to update, update, update. I know that I hate waiting for fanfics to update and the longer people wait the less they will like it!

Other than music where do you get inspiration from?

Books, lots of books.  If I need to get into Harry’s mind I read a page or two of Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice for example.

Is Harry going to find out about Trevor and Tessa’s date?

I’d say yes.

Will Harry and Tessa get married or have children?

I have no idea yet lol.

What is your favorite color?

Mint green.

What’s your favorite shoe brand?

Toms, I basically only wear toms.

Do you play any sports?

No, I tried to play softball my freshman year but by play I mean sat on the bench. Lol.

Are you going to the TMH tour?

Yes!! In 28 days!! Omg.

Do you sometimes imagine yourself as Tessa when you write?

Yes, every single chapter.

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