Chapter One -Average Day-

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"I'M LATE I'M LATE, OOOHHHH GOSH I AM SO LATE!!" I madly ran out the door of my house without even kissing my mom goodbye. I was extremely late for school, not to mention on a Monday too!! Just another average day to add to the list of things that couldn't get any worse.

My hair was a mess, all tangled and frizzy, my clothes were rumpled and creased, not to mention I didn't have time to even brush my teeth...ew.

Yup. Everything was going perfectly well for me so far.

I finally parked my car in the school parking lot where there was a lack of students. Crap.

I ran like a mad woman towards the school building and dashed inside. A few teens were here and there, but a majority of them were most likely in class by now. Double crap.

"Miss L/N, late today, aren't we?" A deep voice made me jump out of my thoughts and spin around. None other than the school's own principal, Principal Walker, just had to be standing right there, eyeing me down as if I had done something wrong.

"I don't need to hear any excuse, Y/N, but I will have to admit you one lunch detention for today. Let your teacher know so you won't get double, though," he whipped out a pink pad and quickly scribbled something on it and handed it to me. I suddenly felt flustered; I had never in my life gotten any sort of punishment type slip at school before, so this was sure to be an experience. Way to go, Y/N.

-> To Class! ->

After a minute of an awkward entrance, receiving giggles from other students, and getting myself seated, I was finally ready to face the school day (as if I could live through anymore of what was to come, I still had that stupid lunch detention).

"Now guys, you'll all be receiving flyers for the upcoming Black Tie dance. Girls, you are required to wear dresses that are only four inches above the knee or longer. Boys, you have to wear a nice tuxedo, with no sagging pants, along with a bow tie, not a regular tie. Unless you want to be a rebel, then whatever, have fun with that," Miss Eva said to the class, most of us laughing at that last part while passing back the bright blue papers. I sighed and slouched in my seat. Every year we have big dances with different themes, and most of them were boy-asks-girl ones. Not really my cup of tea, mainly due to the lack of a date unless my great friend Iza suggests we pretend to be each other's dates ("Single Ladies" is basically our anthem). I honestly don't expect this year's dance to be any different than the ones it's had to offer me in the past.

Suddenly the bell rang, and everyone fled from the room to make it to their first period classes. Not wanting to get another stupid detention, I joined in with the rush and hurried to Science.

-> To Lunch! ->

Once I got my choice of "delicious" school food, which is pretty much a plate of practically burnt mini corn dogs, a bruised apple, and five day old out-of-date milk, I walked down one corridor and into the room labeled Detention Center. A teacher was inside trying his best to stay awake, as well as a couple other teens.

I nervously walked to the sleepy teacher's desk and placed my pink slip on it and took a seat at a desk that was closest to the wall. I had just begun eating a rock-hard corn dog, while also attempting to make my hair neater, when the wooden classroom door swung open, making everyone in the room jump, especially Mr. Sleeping Beauty.

I turned my head to see none other than the mischief creator himself: Dashiell "Dash" Parr. The six foot three, blonde boy with the brightest eyes I've ever seen cockily made his way past the rows of desks and tossed his crumpled pink slip on the teacher's desk, alongside my own. Sleeping Beauty glared at him.

"Always a pleasure to have you back in here, Mr. Parr," he grumbled sarcastically, snatching the piece of paper and unfolding it. Dash shrugged and turned around, only to stop when he met my gaze-

Oh no

-and his mouth turned up into a smirk-

Please no

-then before I knew it, he was making his way over to me, where an empty seat was conveniently beside me-


-and plopped his little cocky butt right in it.


"Hey there, Y/N. What's a pretty girl like you doin' in here? I thought you were too perfect to even run in the halls, let alone get detention," he said, raising an eyebrow and leaning closer to me. I mentally groaned.

It's this that makes me question why I was given the worst luck on the planet. Dash Parr was not only the school's biggest prankster, but he was the biggest flirt, and that's what made him so popular. The fact that he acts this way to other girls besides me makes me feel sick; I don't believe it's right. Plus his last comment made me grit my teeth.

"Maybe if you actually got to know a girl you would understand why I do and don't do certain things, Parr," I managed to spit out. "And don't call me "pretty girl." It sounds terrible when you say it."

"Hey, just speaking the truth," Dash countered, grinning like a stupid Cheshire Cat. Gah.

I tried to ignore him and finish up eating my corn dogs, but that's when he decided to steal three of the five I had. I mean, the food's bad, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to eat it!

"Yum, nothing like barely edible food to eat in the middle of the day, am I right?" He asked. My eye twitched and I suddenly didn't feel like eating anymore. Dash would probably eat it all anyway, geez he has no respect for what's on other people's plates.

You don't know how much I praised the bell gods when I heard our fifteen-minutes-before-class bell ring loudly, meaning I was free from lunch prison.

"You're all excused," Sleeping Beauty said, laying his head down in an attempt to go back to sleep. I rolled my eyes and stood up with my school bag slung over my shoulder. I was about to grab my lunch tray when Dash swiped it right off the desk.

"Um, what do you think you're doing with that?" I asked, crossing my arms. Is he gonna eat the tray too?

"The least I could do after you so kindly shared your lunch with me is take it back to the cafeteria, Y/N. I'm not always as inconsiderate as you may believe," with a wink, the idiot walked ahead of me to the door and opened it, waiting for me to walk through. I could feel myself slightly blush as I walked out the door.

"Thanks, I guess, Parr," I said. Dash smiled after closing it.

"Anytime, L/N. Now I gotta run, see you later pretty girl. Possibly another detention date?" He winked again and rushed off to the lunchroom, leaving me red faced and confused.

I have really mixed emotions, right now I thought. What a player, yet a sweetheart.

I decided to shake off the bubbly feeling in my stomach and get to my locker before the next bell rang.

Maybe a not-so-average day, after all. Huh.

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