The Missing Link

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The Missing Link

                I didn’t go to sleep for a long time, I just held her in my arms as she fell asleep. I was looking out the window up at the stars for what may have been hours or fifteen minutes.

                The dreams had replaced the nightmares a few months ago. I had been so grateful. I loved those dreams for so many reasons, but one of those reasons is that they stopped the fear. They lured me into that false sense of safety. But the dreams hadn’t come in a few days now, ever since she had fallen asleep in my bed for the first time. I suppose it was only time that they returned. I just felt sorry that Erica had to be here for one of the ones where I called out.

                I hoped I didn’t cry out for help.

                I couldn’t be her brave superhero for the bruises; I didn’t need her to think I was even weaker because of those nightmares. All I wanted was to make her think I could keep her safe, that I could protect her. I doubted that she thought that about me now. I looked like I needed to be protected, so how on earth could I protect her?

                I don’t know when I finally fell asleep, this time with no dreams or nightmares or anything of the sort, but the alarm woke me up.

                I rolled over and hit the alarm. Erica’s eyes were shut tightly and she buried her face into my chest. “I don’t wanna get up.” She mumbled.

                “Come on.” I smiled and kissed her forehead so she’d look up at me.

                She kissed me, and not that soft, quick kiss, but that type of kiss.

                Soon we were tangled up, hands entwined in hair and her on top of me. She moved from my lips to my neck, finding that spot that made me bite my lip and expose even more of my neck to her.

                “You don’t seem like you want to leave.” She had this smirk on her face, and as if to prove a point she moved from the spot to my collar bone, and then she kissed around the top of my tank top. She pulled it down just slightly and kissed the newly found skin. All I could think about was all the places she could go next.

                “Erica.” I groaned.

                “That doesn’t sound like you want to leave.” She had the smirk still.

                “We need to.”

                She sighed and sat up, straddling my hips. “I guess you’re right.” She didn’t look happy about it.

                I sat up and kissed her before pulling away and said, “I am. Now get ready to go. We have to hurry because someone wanted to do all of that.”

                “I think we both wanted that.” She smiled, but stood up and sighed.


                The last time, I brought some clothes with me. I don’t have anything to wear.”

                “Grab something from my closet.” I said, walking up behind her and pulling her hair to the side so I could kiss her neck.

                “Look who’s stalling now.” She tilted her head to the side for me.

                I chuckled and pulled away. “Yeah, yeah. Grab some clothes and let’s go.”

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