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As mentioned in the beginning, story is the original version of another book on my profile [called The Hard Mate 0.2 (Warrior Mates; Prophecy & Witch Blood) - that book is quite different and the prophecy/telling plays another part/ is more explained. Plus that book going to be longer than this one, and have a sequel.

So I'd suggest reading the other version since it will make this one make more sense. If you've already read this book I'd however suggest starting at chapter fourteen of Prophecy since the two stories start out quite similarly but at after chapter fourteen Prophecy goes a quite different direction than The Hard Mate.

If you enjoyed this book you might also be interested THE THINGS WE HUNGER FOR. It's a werewolf / shifter romance too.

Other works by me include 100 DAYS WITH ZIMMER & TAYLOR - the story of two very different high school seniors falling for each other during the last 100 days before graduation and FOR THE LOVE OF EXES. I also have new story, a teacher / student romance, I just started working on called TO CHARM A CHEERLEADER.

Hope you have enjoyed this story and will keep on reading and following my other works!