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FUTURE ME COMING TO SAY I wrote this when I was 13 and it's not finished so LITERALLY read at your own risk lmao



"Harry its spelt S U R P R I S E D. Not S U P R I S E D" Louis spells the word surprised for a confused Harry.

"No it suprised!" He says while his hands stay firmly on the steering wheel.

"You're so oblivious." Zayn's laughs in the seat next to me.

Harry chooses not to respond, he just shakes his head and keeps his eyes dead on the road.

"I'll google it!" He pulls out his phone with on hand.

Louis looks straight out the window from the passenger seat. His beautiful features of his face. His strong jawline, slim cheekbones. He was perfection in my eyes, and I'm glad to say he is all mine.

I lean forward and push the clump of loose hairs behind his ear, causing him to turn his head back to me with a smile across his face.

"Are you excited?" I mumble softly and smile.

He huffs and nods his head, "I couldn't be happier to marry the one I've never loved more in my life" He smiles and grabs my hand.

The thought of being officially married to Louis makes me feel so alive and happy. I know it isn't a proper wedding ceremony...but its still official.

"Its to bad my parents couldn't come" He continues saying.

"I know...well at least we got the lads" I smile.

"Why did you guys choose to do a court wedding? You're just walking in there and signing a few papers to entitle you as married." Niall chuckles from the back of the van.

I've explained this like 300 times, "Because we don't have time for a big wedding, you guys are in the middle of your tour." I look back at Niall sitting next to his girlfriend Winter. Liam being on the other side.

"Why can't you just wait to get married AFTER the tour." He shrugs in his seat while his hand is intertwined with Winter's.

"That's not till next year! We definitely will have a ceremony one day to celebrate our marriage, but for now we want to be officially I can call her my wife." Louis answers from the passenger seat proudly.

I tighten my grip in his hand to show my happiness.

"We should be their soon. I wish downtown New York wasn't so god damn crowded!" Harry exclaims while typing with one hand and steering the car with the other.

"Harry can you just let the spelling thing go?" Zayn chuckles.

"Nah, I almost got it on google. I swear its spelt s-u-p-r-i-s-e-d" Harry says determined to be correct.

"Well I think what Jessie and Louis are doing is cute" Winter chimes in and squeezes Niall's knee.

"Of course you do" Niall laughs and plants a soft peck on her lips.

"Ew please no PDA in front of all of us!" Liam cringes from his seat next to Niall.

"Yeah really guys, C'mon" Zayn says from his seat next to me in the middle row.

"I love you sunshine." Louis whispers for only me to hear as I pull my attention back to him. My heart just melts every time he calls me sunshine.

My stomach feels massive butterflies when I think of Louis and I being married. He unbuckled his seatbelt so he can lean back and leave a soft kiss on the tip of my nose.

"I lov- HARRY STOP" I look over at our car running a red light while Harry is looking at his phone

He whips his head up from his phone and slams the breaks in the middle of the intersection. A car rams into us from behind and another one comes slamming right into Louis' side of the car. I feel a tight pain in my neck as everything goes black.


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of recovery;) This isn't a typical fanfiction, and you'll understand why if you keep reading.

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