We went to a field. I raced Barry there and beat him. "You're fast" he said. "Thank you, so what are we doing here?" I asked."I'm going to train you" Barry said. "Train. Me. I'm already trained. By..." I almost slipped up. "You're training my style" he said. He through a ball. "Go get it" he said. I did as told and got it in a blink of a eye. "Okay" he took it, and threw it. "You got to be kidding me, I'm not a dog!" I said irritated. "I know you're not a dog, I'm seeing how fast you can run" he said. After I ran 12 times when I was running back, I fell in the ground. "Skye!" Barry yelled. He ran to me. Everything was dizzy. "What's wrong? " he asked. "I feel dizzy" I said. "I know what's wrong, stay here I'll be right back". He came back with a handful of burgers put them on the ground, and did he kept doing that until I had about 100 burgers in front of me. "What are these for?" I asked. "Eat them". I did but it super speed to eat them. I finished them in 5 minutes. His mouth was open. "What I like big belly burger" I said. Cisco must have been watching because I heard him woo. "Dude that was loud" Barry said. "Sorry" I heard Cisco say. Barry took off his talking device. "We need to talk".
"So the man in yellow killed your mom" I said.  "Yes and he killed your parents" Barry said. "Yes" I said. "Harrison Wells didn't tell me about you though" Barry said. "Wait Harrison is the man in yellow" I said. "No the real Harrison is dead,  Eobard Thawne is the man in yellow, he made a machine. That made him look like Harrison" he said. "Then who is the Harrison in the lab?" I asked. "He is from earth two" he said. "What?!" I was so confused. "When a black hole was made, it made a way to get people from earth two to come here. Zoom is sending metahumans, to kill me.  But he doesn't know there is another speedster here. Which is you together we can beat Zoom" Barry said. "Wait Zoom is trying to kill you?" "Yes, but we can stop him together" he said. "Okay I'll help, but I want a name and suit" i said. "Okay Cisco will name you and get you a suit" Barry said. "Okay, I'm not a sidekick though we work together. Partners okay?" I said. "Okay" he said.

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