Chapter Five - The Key

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GEORGE STOOD TO ONE SIDE OF THE CHAMBER, tucked away in the shadow of great wooden beams that arched away overhead. He and Stryker had moved there so as not to be in the way of the Elves as they rush to and fro after the King had collapsed. It had been a while now, and he glanced around, desperately looking for Malin or Altard. But neither was to be seen. His eyes fell on Prince Dauld; he was in deep conversation with the Elf dressed in dark blue robes. George tried to remember his name but found he could not. George knew he was a Spellcaster, probably the one in charge from the way he had spoken out. He thought to try and hold out a hand of friendship but then thought better of it. He loathed them both. Of all the Elves he had met, only these two had something about them that did not sit comfortably with him. Whilst most of the others had welcomed him and his sisters;  Dauld and the Spellcaster had seemed to take an instant dislike to them. Dauld in particular. The Elven Prince had been cold and unfriendly towards them since they had first met, he seemed to express a hatred of humans that the other Elves did not possess. And why had the Spellcaster been so quick to dispute their battle with the creature and his dreams as lies?

Why would he lie about something like that?

He continued watching them both as they whispered and nodded, wondering they were talking about. Then as one, they turned towards him. A cold shiver ran down his back. Cruel smiles twisted on their lips. And just as they turned to walk away, Dauld nodded at him in recognition. For a split second, George saw their eyes blink black as coal.

Maybe it had just been a trick of the light. But he was not so sure.

He looked around to see if anyone else had seen anything. But they were all too engrossed in other matters to have noticed.

'George,' called out Malin Thrax. 'There you are.'

'Did you see that...' he started to say as the Captain approached him. But as he turned he saw he was accompanied by Princess Meriol.

She looked up at him. 'Greetings George.' she smiled sweetly, her voice soft and gentle. She wore a flowing gown which was as blue as a midsummer sky. Her blond hair, slightly longer than when he had last seen her, was decorated with beads and silver clasps. Her pink tinted wings, which gave her nickname, were folded against her back.

'Hello Rosewing,' he replied, blushing slightly at the sight of her. 'How are you?'

'I am well, thank you. And you and your sisters?' Rosewing asked.

'We're okay,' he said unable to tear his gaze away from her big blue eyes. 'Danielle's gone to Shrewsbury to see her friends and Jessica's gone with Dad to take...' He stopped, suddenly realising he was rambling. 'Sorry, I didn't... how is the King.'

She smiled once more, this time, it was tinged with sadness. 'We are just on our way to his chambers to find out,' she informed him. 'Malin has arranged for the First Minister and Keir to meet us there. Away from inquisitive eyes and ears.' She glanced about as if to emphasise her point.

'I feel you should join us,' Malin stressed. 'These dreams you are having; they may hold some meaning. You may be of help.'

George nodded. 'Of course, but not for long. I seem to have been gone for ages. I had better be getting back home soon.' Even with the strange time distortions that surrounded the Veil and some parts of Whytewytch Wood, he knew his parents would be worried if he did not return presently.

'We will return you home long before your parents miss you,' Malin promised.

George thought for a moment. 'Okay then.' he clicked his fingers. 'Come on boy.'

Stryker rose from the shadows and padded forward to stand by his side.

'And who is this?' Rosewing asked slowly reaching out a hand.

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