Tell Me

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Tell me you will love me and never let me go: say that I make all your dreams come true.

When you look at the stars in the heavens, know that no matter how far away; I am looking at them with you.

Tell me what it's like for you to have me in your life and how I have changed you in away others could not.

You changed my heart and turned the world upside down. No one else can do what you have done to one like I.

Tell me how you will take me away with you or if you can't how you will never forget me and come back for the one you love.

Hold me in your arms where all my fears and pains melt away and I can hear the heart that only beats for me.

Tell me something I can hold on to. That will never change and keep me in your heart forever with an undying passion.

Remember I will always be with you, even when I'm far or not near you, I'm always smiling for you. I love you so much...

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