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Chapter #34: Job Interview Round Two

I woke up with a jolt, in an unfamiliar bed. It took me a few seconds to get out of my head rush and remember where I was, what happened, and why my entire body ached like never before. I looked around the room, and realized I'd slept at Cedric's.

The damn bartender.

I got out of the bed, kicking the sheets roughly off my ankles. I grabbed my hoodie that was splayed out on the floor, and glanced at the fluffy blanket that was also draped half way across the bedroom. I felt groggy and sick, so I gulfed down a glass of water that was randomly placed on the desk of the bedroom.


I was ready to run out, my legs swiftly moving down the staircase, before a figure made me jump in shock. "Shit," I groaned. "Sorry."

"You in a rush? Need a ride or anything?" It was Cedric, and he was splayed out on the couch. His lips were plump, his face tired, voice deep and scratchy.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. I felt disgusted in more than a physical way. I felt as though guy after guy came along in my life, and I couldn't allow it anymore. Every time something awful would happen, someone came to save me. Someone came to help me, guide me, and at this chapter of my life, I knew Cedric had the personality in him to try and help me. I couldn't take that. I didn't want to. I wish he'd remained just the bartender, but my drunk ass always seemed to drag someone along with me.

I cleared my throat tightly.

"I can get home, don't worry," I muttered, poking at my phone. It was 6:30 in the morning. "Do you never sleep?"

My body froze and I mentally slapped myself. God, was I stupid or something?


He raised an eyebrow, and I recollected our foggy conversation from the night earlier. I chewed at my lip, muttering a quiet 'sorry'. He shrugged it off, his face impassive. Had I hit a nerve? Probably.

I made my way towards the door, stopping abruptly before I touched the knob. "Thank you, for everything."

He stood up from the couch. He must have fallen asleep in his clothes from earlier because his jeans were still on and wrinkled, and his plain black t-shirt was wrapped tightly, tangled rather, around his biceps. "Do you want to take my number or anything, if you know, you ever want something again?"

I looked at him sideways. I swallowed tightly. "No. Thank you."

This was like high school all over again. Evan jumping to help me, to save me through dealing with my awful depression and the loss of my parents. God, I was such a terrible human being. I needed to get out of here, before I drowned another man in the depths of my own shitty problems.

Cedric looked down at his feet, scoffing with a smirk. "It was nice knowing you then."

Something told me he wouldn't let me walk away this easy. Although I felt like shit, and my body was physically dying on me, along with my mental health- I smiled a warm, genuine smile, before stepping out into the gloom and walking down his pathway.

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