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Zane pov

I saw her standing there. That long brown hair, her Amber eyes.... She's so beautiful....... To bad she probably hates me. I started feeling this weird feeling once I met her. The first time I looked into her eyes...... All the hatred.... All the evil..... Those eyes..... They made me feel differently. They made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I felt like I wanted to be together forever with her. And her personality... She is
The most interesting person I know. She is loyal and friendly and...... Gah! She's perfect! No Zane! Shut up! You sound like you lov-


Am I falling for her?!

I sighed as I pulled myself off my desk. It's been a few hours since Donna's wedding. I hope they've enjoyed themselves. I was requested here by Donna's mother. I was originally going to ignore this, but father wanted me to search for Garroth. Luckily, I found him. I just confronted him not that long ago. I want to take him back to O'khasis, but something..... Something inside me says to just leave him here...... With Aphmau. Gah! I don't know what to do! My thoughts, actions, and emotions are getting tangled up in eachother. It's annoying! Ugh! Why is Aphmau making me feel this way!? I know she's not doing it on purpose, but still. NO! Zane...... Focus on your mission of taking over Phoenix Drop! Can't let your emotions get in the way. I sighed as I pulled of my scarf. It was about time I get ready for bed. The guards are already snoozing. Heh. I blow out my candle and slowly drift to sleep.

Aphmau pov

Ugh! I can't believe Zane wants to take Garroth away. I can't believe that Zane would turn out to be a manipulative, low- life, dreamy, psychopathic, handsome, JERK! Huh. Did I just call him dreamy and handsome? Stop it! Aphmau! You can't fall for him, he's evil! I can't afford to fall for him. If I do fall for him, it will make me weak and I'll probably lose Phoenix drop. I don't know. It's just something.... Something about him...... I can't help but feel something from him. Yes, it does seem like he has wrong intentions, but I sense this passion coming from him.
Maybe I just drank too much root beer. I need to get him out of my head.

AN: yo. I found this draft in the vast pit of my works. And then I decided "why the fudge not? I'll publish this!" I'm sorry if it's horrible

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