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Lost Love [On Hold]

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Okay, I've grown fond of this story, which is weird because it's an adult story and I'm 13... anyway. Too much Barbara Freethy. Here it is (First chapter, anyway... I think.):


"Michael, please- be careful, the roads are unsafe today," Kara said to her beloved new husband. She kissed him passionately, wanting to savor him as long as she could before he was gone for the day. She pulled away from him to feed their baby daughter, Abigail, a spoonful of mashed carrots, and to hand her daughter, Stephanie, from her previous marriage, her packed lunch as she went out the door. Stephanie's brother Alex and his twin Daniel left with her, Mary following close.

Kara sighed. She'd had so many children with Daniel, not realizing that he was dying. But she loved all her children, and wouldn't trade them for a door. Michael followed the kids out the door, loaded them into his car, and peeled out of the driveway as Kara watched them go. She smiled and turned back to Abigail.

Suddenly, Kara heard a screech, followed by the sound of a crash. "Oh, my God!" Kara gasped, pulling Abigail from her chair and running out the door. She pulled in a breath and bit her lip, tears forming in her eyes. She bolted back inside, put Abigail in her playpen, and grabbed her cell phone, dialing 911 as she ran back outside.

She heard Stephanie sobbing with Mary, and the twin boys cursing out the driver of the other car in very creative ways. What she didn't hear, however... was Michael.

"Mikey?" she called cautiously. "Michael?" Kara opened the driver's door and felt hot tears roll down her face. A piece of the windshield had pierced his throat, and blood was running down the front of his shirt.

"No," Kara whispered. "Michael." Then, Kara lost her controlled demeanor and began to cry uncontrollably. "Michael." Kara gasped. "Michael!" she screamed, before falling to her knees. "Michael," she sobbed one more times before completely collapsing to the ground, her entire body going numb, and not just from the cold. Her tears froze soon after they hit the ground.

At the very least, she was grateful that Michael's other children had gotten a cold from playing too long. All her children were safe, or at least alive. She pried open the other doors and carefully removed Stephanie, Mary, Alex, Daniel. "My God... my babies... are you all okay?" Kara managed, tears still falling.

"Geez, mom, what's the problem?" Alex said, rolling his eyes. "It's not like anyone died." He slowly started to understand Kara's expression. "Oh, God," he said. Daniel ran to the front of the car and looked through the windshield.

"Oh, my God... Alex, Michael is... he's..." Daniel said quietly. His brother joined him, his eyes going wide.

"No way... this can't happen, not right after we got someone else... Dad just... and now Michael..."

"What's happening?" Mary said, unable to move. "Stephanie, go look, because I can't see right now," she said to her younger sister.

"No," Kara whispered, blocking her little girl from the horrific scene. "You don't need to see it. But... Michael's gone to the same place as Daddy, so we can't see him anymore. It's okay, though, we'll be okay. We'll be okay. We have to be..." Kara trailed off, looking at Michael's body. She heard sirens wailing.

"Mommy, what's that?" Stephanie asked, looking up with curious eyes.

"Those are some nice medicine men, here tomake sure you're all okay. Alex, Daniel, go get Abigail. She's in her playpen," Kara instructed her children. The boys ran inside while Kara kneeled down next to Stephanie. "Now, baby, just hold your sister's hand, and tell her everything around her, because she..." Kara took a deep breath. "Because she can't see right now."

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