Chapter 1

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My alarm blared into my ears, quickly pulling me from my dreams. With a groan I rolled over, smacking my hand out at the alarm clock.

Letting out a deep sigh, I sat up and slowly got out of bed. Walking to the bathroom and did my business. Looking in the mirror, I grabbed my brush and began brushing the knots out of my long blond hair. Afterward, I began to straighten it and then I put some light make up on.

Walking into my closet, I picked out a pair of black leggings and a white sweater. Then I slipped on a pair of my knee-high leather boots. Grabbing my backpack and my phone I walked down into the kitchen. My mom had left a note saying happy birthday and that she would see me later tonight.

I grabbed the pancakes from the fridge and quickly ate them. As you have already probably guessed my dad is gone. He died when I was little in an attack.

Finishing my pancakes grabbed my stuff and walked out the door and to the bus stop. Unfortunatly not everyone can afford a car. A few moments later the bus came speeding around the corner when it stopped I climbed on and found a seat.

Sighing I leaned my head against the buses window. When we got to the school I grabbed my bag off my seat and headed towards my first class.


The day went by in a blur and I had not even the smallest hint of my mate being anywhere near bye. I walked out the school at the end of the day to get on the bus. But I decided I wanted to go to Starbucks. I started walking into town. When I got to the Starbucks I ordered my usual chai tea latte. God, I love this stuff. I drank my tea as I stepped out of the store and started walking home.

I was walking down the sidewalk through the center of town when a black SUV with tinted windows stopped at the light. I walked across the road in front of the car. I felt like someone was watching me. I also felt a wave of heat and shivers run over my body I looked around not seeing anything out of the ordinary I shrugged my shoulders and kept walking. I stated on the path to my house.

As I was walking on the path along the road I noticed the black SUV slowly driving up the road. I picked up my pace and walked quicker down the road.

The SUV came closer that's when I started running. The car picked up speed I ran into the woods putting my bag down and shifting into my blonde wolf and grabbing my bag in my mouth and sprinted into the forest. I heard car doors slam and male voices. The sound of wolves running through the forest became louder behind me. I dashed through the forest, dogging trees an rocks.

I sprinted as fast as possible. The wolves behind me were on my heels. I came onto a clearing. I felt something jump on my back. I was pushed to the ground by a very large black wolf. The wolf growled at me. All of a sudden the wolf on top of me was thrown off. The largest brownish red world I had ever seen stood over me in a defensive position growling at all the other wolves. I lifted my head to look into the large grey shinning eyes my mate.


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