The Nightmare Begins

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Storm awoke to an awful noise, a noise that would forever haunt her dreams. She checked her phone, 2 am. 'Maybe Nathan is having trouble sleeping..' she thought as she tossed the covers off and stepped onto the cold wooden floor.

She moved quietly, unsure if her parents were awake or not. Her steps were cautious and quiet as she neared the door. Opening it and peering out, all was silent except for the sound of something being cut. 'Why would someone be cutting meat this early in the morning?'

She stepped from the door, the worst mistake she could have made. She made her way slowly towards the stairs, the only sound heard was that of her breathing and the nauseating sound of tearing flesh, that echoes throughout the house.

She descended down the stairs, peaking her head around the corner, peering into black nothingness. Her heart sank. 'If its not coming from downstairs...' She looked back up the stairs, gulping and slowly returning the way she had came. As she reached the top of the stairs, the cutting sound stopped, all that was heard was her own faint breathing.

Looking between her brother's room and her parents, she decided to wake her parents to help investigate.

She slowly descended upon the door, seeing as the door was slightly open, she pushed it open all the way, entering and rounding the corner towards their bed.

What she saw as she rounded the corner made her sick. From the fan hung her parents, gutted, and hung by their intestines like a noose, their faces frozen in horror, their hands held onto their intestines.

She let out a horrified scream, turning to run, to get her brother and go as far as possible. She legs kicked off sprinting into her brother's room where she was met with the monster who did this, who was in the process of displaying her brother like it did her parents.

Her brother made a small gurgle sound, his eyes wide with fear as he looked between Storm and the creature. His arms waving frantically with the last bit on strength he had, trying to get her to leave before she had the same fate.

But it was too late, the monster saw the boy flailing, gesturing in the direction behind it. So it turned, giving Storm her first and hopefully last glimpse at the thing that killed her family.

The creature turned, looking at Storm with pure black eyes, a smile only to be described as that of a smiling dog. Its arms reached the floor, and on the end of each finger lay the shiny, blood soak silver claws. The creature stood hunched, eyes locked on Storm, at that moment the creature stood from its crouched position, standing over 6 foot.

It took a wobbly step towards her before returning back to a crouch and lunging at her. She was knocked back.

The door beside her swung open and two good looking boys entered, shooting at the creature and fighting it off her. Her vision blurred and turned black.

The last thing she saw was the creature flee out the window with one boy hot on its trail. The other kneeled beside her, his long hair falling in his face. "Are you okay?" Was the last she heard before she blacked out completely.

*ahh well I've finally added the new chapter :) I hope y'all like it so far. Oh, and sorry about really slow updates. I will work to update more often!*

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