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Is Good to read it before to go to sleep


This time, I will share to you my elder brother's ghost experience. A very scary experience he will never forget.

This happened when my brother was still studying in college. Since our town is around 20 kilometers away from his school, he decided to live in an old boarding house,near his school, which was known as a haunted house.

One night, my brother and his board mates had a group study, and went to bed very late. Before they went sleep, his roommate told them a SCARY STORIES about their boarding house. He said that he saw GHOST roaming around the house with SCARY FACE and were floating in the air. 

'Though my brother was scared a bit, he hide his feeling of being SCARED. So he told them,"I don't believe in ghost and if the ghost will appeared in front of me I'm going to kill them again and eat them." In his words, he challenged the ghost.

He then shouted, " Where are you ghosts, let me see you, I'm not afraid of you!" Then he laughed sarcastically. After that, they put off the lights and went all to bed leaving one lampshade open since my brother cannot sleep without some lights on. A few minutes after, they were all sleeping including my brother. 

Suddenly, my brother woke up for he felt someone, with  VERY COLD HANDS ,touched his feet. At first he thought it was one of his room mates who's touching him, trying to scared him

"Hey, don't touch my feet for I can't sleep, I know you scaring me but I'm not scared." He said, without looking the one who's touching him, for his eyes were half closed.

But nobody answered and the touching continued. "I told you, stop touching my feet for I can't sleep," He said. But since nobody answered, he look down to know who's touching him. 

Do you have any idea what he saw?

He saw an old woman with scary face, in white long dress, with gray long hair, floating in the air, infront of him. Her eyes were very big and sharp, looking angrily at my brother. She was moaning in a very scary voice,like this, "hhiiiiiiiiiiiihhh."


My brother was really scared. He then shouted, "Ahhhhh! I saw a ghost! I saw a ghost!" And everyone in the boarding house woke up and they were blaming my brother of what he said against ghosts.

" I told you this boarding house is haunted, so be careful of what you say against them for it's not good to challenge them," His room mate said.

After that event, my brother never say bad words against ghosts and he respected them. He now believe that there are really ghosts around us.

Until now, he will never forget his most scary ghost encounter.

Lesson learned: Never challenge a ghost for they will angrily appeared in front of you and sometimes harm you in any ways.


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Love Miss A.

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