Chapter one

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I awoke screaming, shaking violently in a pool of my own sweat. Another nightmare about the games. It had only been three years ago that I had won the sixty - seventh annual hunger games, I was sixteen at the time, murdering kids younger then me for the entertainment of the capitol, or more, president snow. I hated the games. Screams of children hunt me. Images of fellow tributes drowning in pools of their own crimson blood, death. Nightmares come easy with thoughts like these on your mind. I slightly swayed as I stood up and walked towards my bathroom. Falling into the mirror, grasping at the sink of balance. My head was now spinning, aching. Once I had finally got my balance, I looked into the mirror, at the reflection of a monster. I needed to calm down. I quickly threw a knitted jumper that was draped over my couch on swiftly and ran across the road, to the house opposite mine. I quickly knocked on the door and waited, then, almost instantly, the door opened, revealing my best friend, tired and scruffy looking - he wanted to go back to bed.
"(Y/N)?" He spoke, quietly and musky, evidence that he had just awoken
"Sorry Finnick, I had another nightmare" I was now whimpering at the memories of the other children, begging for mercy.
"Sweetie.." he spoke gently, pulling me into a hug, stroking my hair, calming me.
"You can sleep here if you like?" He said, walking swiftly off to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and swiftly walking back to me, handing the glass to me. "I can just sleep on the couch." I said, lifting my head up from my cup.
"You sure?"
"Yeah, it's fine" I slowly walked over to his couch a nd flopped down onto it, as I was tired and it was late
"Okay then" he said, walking up his stairs, disappearing into the darkness.

The next day however, was a lot more eventful. Turning on the television to Snow, remarking a speech, explaining that the tributes for the third quarter quell would be selected from the pools of the remaining victors. This broke me. I would have to go back. I lunged myself of the sofa and ran out the door. I kept running until my legs couldn't carry me anymore. I collapses in sobs and tears. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore. At least I had a one in two chance, although I couldn't bare to see maggs be sent back to that hell hole. She deserved more. But unlike me, Finnick was definitely going back. A single tear ran down my face, my only friend would be sent back, to die. "Thankyou" I whispered again, taking small sips of my water

Sorry, I know its super crappy but, it is my first story so...
Let me know what you think :3
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