Vincent x Reader

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It was closing time at Freddy's and everyone was heading home..except from the night guards..

(Y/N):oh my lord..

She said looking at the mess..Scott heard her and handed her a rag and a mop..

Scott:good luck with that!

(Y/N):arent you going to help me?! offered to replace Chris today!!

She sighed and he walked to the kitchen..she started cleaning the mess..

~~(instead of "time skip" i put these "~~")

(Y/N) was cleaning some tables and she noticed the guys getting ready to leave..

(Y/N):wait,are you all going home?

They nodded..she started shaking a bit..

(Y/N):a-and t-the night shift..?

Mike:Boss wants you to do it tonight..

Jeremy's eyes widen(lets say he has eyes and they are green >.<)

Jeremy:w-what?!?i-i w-wouldnt l-leave h-her t-to d-do t-the n-night s-shift a-alone!!

Mike:Jer,relax,of course i wouldnt let her alone with Fazfuck!!thats why Vincent will be with her tonight..

She froze on her place when she heard his name..a small pink blush on her cheeks..

Scott:better with Fazfuck than with Vincent..

Fritz:i agree..but anyway we have to go..

She shook her head a bit and looked at them..

(Y/N):umm..okay,see you guys tomorrow!

She waved at them and they waved back,walking to the exit..

She sat on one of the chairs to think..

Okay,Vincent is still here and he is going to work the night with me..THE NIGHT SHIFT!what if he will try something?wait..he wont do anything..what i was thinking?!he doesnt feel a thing about me!if he did,he wouldnt flirt with the waitress..the Miss Big Ass and Boobs..

She run her fingers through her (c/h)..she sighed of her thoughts about the purple man..she never knew she will actually fall for that perv grape but..she did..

She didnt notice two white eyes and toothy grin looking at her..the purple figure started approaching her..she felt a hand on her back and she jumped a bit..

Vincent:Its me,(Y/N)~

(Y/N):ohh grape,dont scare me like that!

Vincent:did i scare you?~

He whispered in her ear and she shivered..she stood up and grabbed the rag and the mop..a small blush on her cheeks..

(Y/N):a-anyway,lets start the night shift..

She started walking to the supply closet to leave the rag and the mop..she glanced behind her and Vincent wasnt there..she sighed deeply..

(Y/N):if you only knew..

She mumbled under her breath and walked to the supply closet to leave the rag and mop..

A bit later,she went to the office and Vincent was there flipping the cameras with his feet on the desk..

(Y/N):anyone moved?

Vincent:only Bonnie..soon Chica will join him..

She leaned against the desk looking at him who was looking on the cameras..she focused on his face..his white soulness eyes matching with that insane toothy smile..his purple hair pulled back in his usual rat tail..i want to see him with his hair down..she thought..but with that thought she added him being shirtless..she blushed bright pink and she snapped out of her sexy thoughts when both doors closed..

(Y/N):w-what happened??

He smirked

Vincent:just to wake you up from your little day dreaming~

She looked on the other way rubbing the back of her neck,.

(Y/N):s-sorry..i am just..tired..

She said the last word with a hint of a sadness..his footsteps got closer to her and his slender fingers grabbed gently her chin and turned her face to look at him..

Vincent:you sound sad love~what happened?

She couldnt tell him..she knew they dont have anything special and they are just friends..

(Y/N):i am not sad..just tired..

He didnt believe her of course..he walked towards her and her back hit the iron door..

Vincent:i know you are lying..tell me..

(Y/N):r-really its nothing!!

She looked down at her feet and felt his purple fingers through her hair..

Vincent:look at me..

She slowly turned her gaze to him..he leaned a bit closer to her..

Vincent:i love you too~

She widen her eyes and her heart was racing madly..


He chuckled

Vincent:i see the way you are looking at love me~

He was now inches away from her lips..she blushed crimson red..



His soft purple lips connected with hers and she started slowly closing her eyes..her hands went behind his neck as his around her waist,pulling their bodies closer to each other..after a bit,they pulled away for air..a smile formed her lips and he smiled too..

Vincent:keep that smile beautiful~

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