3. Home Sweet Home?

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As I walked into his mansion, it still never failed to left me in awe. It wasn't as if I've never been to his home, I have three or four times, but the fact that everything looked more grand at night put me in shock. Luckily, he turned on the dim lights. Home Sweet Home.

"Earth to Julie! Helloooo?" Luke taunted as he poked my forehead. Wow. Really caught my attention there. Surprisingly, I've never blown out on him before, even when he's possibly the most annoying bastard I know.

"What?" I glared at him. Somehow, my 'tantalizing' eyes always manages to shut him up. It could maybe be because of how my soft, chestnut colored orbs turn into such a dark shade, you would think you were staring out into the midnight sky. Whatever it was, I was glad I had that ability.

Luke drifted off into his kitchen while I remained in his main living room area, looking at his furniture that surely were foreign to me. I made sure not touch anything, for if I did, I could break something and forever be in dept. I carefully examined the etches in a collection of vases and recognized it was in Greek writing. I never knew he and his family were so fond of Greece, they even have many photos of them posing in front of Greek ruins and such.

"You okay? You're in your 'deep thinking' face again," Luke laughed as he entered the area with a glass filled with dark liquid in his hand. The glasses' body was perfect in his hold, I almost thought it was molded to fit just in his hand.

"Uh, no. Just looking. What are you drinking? I want some!" I grinned like a little child. Was it weird that I was always eager around him? I don't know, honestly.

"Oh, my love, I'm drinking Veuve Clicquot. It's good wine. But it's pricey, I must say so," he smirked. Not sure if he was attempting to mesmerize or impress me with his oh so fancy drink, but I surely did become curious.

"Is that French? Where is it from? Is it bubbly? Flat? Is it like, a hundred bucks? Can I try?" I blabbered.

He only laughed and continued to take small sips before answering my swarm of questions. "Yes, it is imported from France. It's sparkling, so yes. And it's approximately $2895 via Internet, but it could be more if you bought it in person. And certainly, just follow me."

Oh my Frodo Baggins, almost $3000 for a bottle of wine? I could buy myself a secondhand car with that kind of money. However, having the opportunity to taste really expensive wine makes me quite joyous.

I stared at his graceful movements. Even with his slightest touch, you could already tell how much finesse he holds. He carefully poured the blood red drink into a simple wine glass, making sure it only went halfway before he handed it to me. "Don't want to get my Julie drunk now, do we?" He deeply chuckled. 

I scowled at his remarks, having the urge to slap that smirk on his mouth. "First off, I am not yours. And second of all, I don't get drunk, you know that."

Luke rolled his eyes and wondered off, leaving me all by myself. I switched off the lights before following his up the stairs. 

"I can't see anything," I whined. Shit, I almost dropped the wine.

"Here, hold on to me," he instructed as he offered me his arm to cling on to. I never noticed how defined his arms were until now.

As we traveled up the stairs, he lead me down the hall that ended with a cherry-wood colored door. He placed his hand on the knob, opening the door completely, nudging me to go in. 

"Oh my God, are you sure we're even in the right room?" I gasped. I remembered the last time I came to visit, we were in 8th grade. Most of his furniture were still childlike and a few toys were always scattered around the room. But now, it's as if the entire room had been revamped. The navy blue colored room was now a light brown color with a gray hue, and the furniture was surely more mature and sophisticated.

"Yes, we're in my room, Jules. You're so silly sometimes," He chuckled. He walked up to his sitting area and placed his glass of wine down, while I awkwardly stood against his door frame, waiting for him to say something.

"So, uhm. Luke. . . do you have a sleeping bag?" I questioned.

"Why would you need a sleeping bag? You're sleeping on my bed, right?" 

Oh, yeah. That's right, I was supposed to sleep on his bed. "Yeah, but what about you? You're not going to just sleep on the wooden floor, are you?"

He rolled his eyes and sighed deeply. "No, of course not."

I looked at him weirdly, I couldn't understand what he was trying to get at. Back in the cafe, he said I would get to sleep on his bed. What's the deal now?

"Jules, we're going to sleep on the bed together."

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