Chapter 2

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It had been decided that you were going to be the champion for the Second Fairy Tail Team, for the second Event of the Grand Magic Games. Sabertooth was currently leading, followed by the First Fairy Tail team, Blue Pegasus, and your team was in 4th. You did not know what the event would be, but it was part of the game. You were confident in your capacities. You goal was to gain to most points as possible without being eliminated. Even one point would be good.

You step in the arena as you hear the commentator scream your name. The crowd roars in anticipation. They haven't seen you fight yet, but since Fairy Tail has delivered incredible performances, they think you will be able to entertain them. You are the second one to enter the arena. The first is some guy from Blue Pegasus. He glances at you and gives you a sign of the head. You nod back, acknowledging his presence. Wait... That's Lyon! What's he doing here? How much bad luck can you possibly have?

You sigh and observe the other contestants enter. There's another guy from Blue Pegasus, a woman from Lamia Scale, a young girl from Mermaid Heel, a masked man from Sabertooth and a man from a guild so pathetic you don't even know how they passed the pre-selection. They are currently last, very far behind the others (their first participant almost died during the first event).

"And for Fairy Tail Team one..." yells the commentator. "Let's applause..."

And then the contestant for the other Fairy Tail team enters.

"Gray Fullbuster!!!"

You are so surprised you freeze for a second. What is he doing here? He can't be competing at the same time as you, right? But yes, he can.

"What the hell are you doing here, Gray!?" you yell at your comrade, walking toward him. He looks at you, surprised as well.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" you scream. "So that you could humiliate me in public?"

"There seems to be some kind of tension between the two Fairy Tail teams..! Could it be a lover's quarrel?"

"Get your freaking info right!!" you yell back to the commentator.

"Look, I did not know you were going to present for this event too," says Gray.

"Well be assured that I won't be losing to you!"

"Want to bet?" proposes the ice magician.

"Bet what," you frown and cross your arms.

"Whoever wins, which means the one who gets the most points between you and me, can ask anything of the loser." Gray smiles to you, drawing out his hand. "Deal?" You think for a short half-second.

"Deal." You shake Gray's hand.

"It seems the two Fairies have decided to make peace for this one!"

"Champions, be ready!"

You take a deep breath. Suddenly, you are teleported out of the arena. You seem to be in some kind of town. It is filled with replicas of the other candidates. Too easy, you think. You've seen this event before. You know exactly what to do.

"The rules are simple," you hear. "You hit a candidate, you win a point. If you attack a clone or get hit yourself, you lose a point. After you get hit, you will be teleported in another section of the map. And here's the last rule: if you can get a champion out of the borders of the area, you get five points, and the candidate is immediately eliminated. Whoever gets the most points after 30 minutes win! Good luck!"

The town is really quiet, still, silent. You know the commentator is talking to the spectators in the arena, but you can't hear him.

You start to walk. It is too easy. You know exactly how to match your footsteps to your other clones. You breathe at the same time, every movement is the same as another. You seem to look forward, yet you are analyzing everything you can possibly see. You do not activate your magic. You continue to act as a clone as you discretely look for others. Something bothering you. The last rule the commentator said did not exist last time. Why did they add it this time?

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