Chap. 5

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Spencer's POV



I had repeatedly begged for pain meds throughout the night, but there was only so much I could get.

“Mom” I cried out.

“I’m right here baby” she said, taking my hand. “What can I do?”

“Just make it stop.” My leg was throbbing against the cast, and I cried out in pain.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” mom cried, kissing my hand. I could feel her tears.

“Please” I begged, gripping her hand like my life depended on it.

“There’s nothing you can take honey” she said. I could hear the pain in her voice.

I took my free hand and curled it into a tight ball. I stopped my tears and clenched my teeth.

“Spencer, honey, if there’s anything-”

“There’s not” I growled, but my voice cracked and I felt the tears flowing again.

I could feel her fingers running through my hair, and I felt my fist relax. I slowly closed my eyes, and let her massage my scalp.

“How’s the pain, on a scale from 1-10” the doctor asked.

“Ten being the highest” I asked.

She nodded.

“1,379” I said.

I saw mom crack a smile, and the doctor chuckled.

“Alright, so we’ll up your dose of pain meds. We’re going to keep you here for another two or three days.”

I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose. “I just want to go home.”

“I know honey” the doctor said, closing her notepad. “I’ll have Nurse Sarah bring you more pain meds.”

She left, and Trey came in. His arm was in a sling, and he looked like hell.

“Trey, what are you doing here” mom asked, throwing her arms around him. She loosely hugged him.

“I’ve been worried sick” he said, looking at me. “Oh God, your leg… Spencer I’m so sorry.”

I shook my head. “It isn’t your fault.”

Trey looked at the wall and then looked at me again, tears in his eyes. “Does it hurt?”

“Not too much” I lied.

“Don’t lie to me. I’ll only feel worse.”

“Well what do you think? Of course it hurts” I shouted. I mentally kicked myself, and constrained my temper. I hate when it gets the best of me.

Trey was silent for a few moments, and I felt my heart quicken.

“I’m sorry, I-” and Trey shook his head, stopping me from continuing my speech.

“Thanks for telling me the truth.”

“Do you hurt” I asked.

He nodded. “But not nearly as bad as you. God, I don’t know anybody that can stand the amount of pain you’re in.”

“It’s better today” I said, which was mostly the truth. Of course, anything was better than last night.

“Better than what” Trey asked.

I scowled, he always saw all the loopholes. That’s why my mom thought he’d make the perfect lawyer, which is consequentially what he wanted to be.

“What did you do to your arm” I asked, motioning for him to come and sit next to me.

He took a seat in the chair next to my bed, and I saw him uncoil. “I dislocated my shoulder. It’s manageable.”

“And a concussion, right?”

“My head’s fine, they discharged me this morning.”

“I wish I could be discharged” I muttered.

“Once you go home, there’s no nurse to take care of your every need Spencer. Enjoy it while you’ve got it.”

I laughed. “Is that why you like the hospital?”

“A nurse waiting on me hand and foot? I’d take it any day!”

I heard the door open, and turned to see who else had come.

Blake's POV


“Please take me home” I said to Amanda, sliding into a chair. I put my head in my hands.

“Blake, honey, it’s gonna be okay” Amanda said, rubbing my back.

I jerked away from her and walked outside. I took a deep breath and stuffed my hands in my pockets.

“Anything I can help you with” a nurse asked, wheeling an empty wheelchair back into the hospital.

“No thank you” I said, my voice cracking. I felt the tears bubbling up in my eyes.

“If there’s anything, let me know” the older lady said, kindly. She smiled at me.

“Thanks” I said, walking down the sidewalk. I reached the street and took a seat on the curb. The tears began to fall down my cheeks, and I didn’t do anything to stop them.

“Blake” Amanda whispered, taking a seat next to me. “It was an accident.”

“I broke Alice’s heart again” I whispered, my heart breaking.

“She’s nothing” Amanda screamed. “Why do you care about her? She doesn’t even love you!”

I stood up, jammed my hands in my pockets, and walked away from Amanda, who was sobbing into her hands.

I looked up to the window, where I saw Alice’s face looking out, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I love you” I shouted, knowing that she couldn’t hear me.

She didn’t even see me as she continued to stare into the distance. I saw her look over her shoulder, wipe her eyes, and then put on a fake smile. She turned to face whoever had just entered the hospital room.

“I love you” I whispered, the wind blowing away my tears. How could I love her so much, yet continue to hurt her?


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