Chapter Thirty Three

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When Charlie awoke one morning, he found himself alone in the bed and the sun had attempted to blind him as the waves of sunlight entered the bedroom. He sat up groggily but suddenly came to the realization that Anora wasn't in the room. He huffed knowing she had probably snuck out to go and work even if she was still feeling sick.

Jumping up from the bed, he hurried out to the kitchen to find Anora playing with Iggy.

"Destroyer of worlds...Iggy Forney is coming." she let out a muffled scream as she held the cat's front paws in the air.

Iggy looked less than amused but tolerated his owner's weird antics. His ears flicked however, he made no attempts to attack the woman as she continued to play with him.

"He'll stomp into your villages and right into your hearts. Won't you, Iggy?" She kissed the cat's cheeks warranting a loud meow. "Oh you're my best friend too."

'Hey I thought I was your best friend!" Charlie called out to her.

She turned around with Iggy in her arms and smiled at him. "He's my best feline're my best red headed friend."

"How many red heads do you know?" he questioned but stopped himself when she gave him a look. "Oh right. Never mind. Are you feeling better?"

"Much better. Thank you. I think a few days of sleeping and Nicola's soup along with Sebastian's medicine really helped." she said setting Iggy down.

Iggy shook himself and began to lick himself to flatten down his hair.

"I think he's mad at you." Charlie pointed out.

"What? No, he isn't. Iggy loves being called the Destroyer of Worlds. "

The cat leaped up onto the counter where Anora had left her mug.

The two adults stared at the cat. "Don't you dare..." Anora warned the cat as he lifted a paw.

"Iggy...let's be reasonable here." Charlie said holding his hands up in surrender. "We can talk this out."

The cat continued to inch his paw closer and closer to the mug full of coffee.

"Iggy!" Anora said placing her hands on her hips. "I swear if you..."

It was too late, with a swift swatting motion, Iggy launched the mug off the counter causing a loud crashing noise that sent him running to the bedroom.

"That's right you better run!" Anora yelled after him. "Bloody cat, he's crazy."

"Well, I'm not so sure about Destroyer of Worlds, but Destroyer of Mugs is very fitting."

"That's the fifth mug this month."

"Maybe we should take it as a sign not to leave mugs on the counter unguarded."

The two began cleaning up the mess of shattered mug pieces and spilled coffee. Anora made a face as Charlie refused to let her pick up the mug pieces in fear that she would be cut.

"Charlie, perhaps you have forgotten, but I do work with dragons too. I can manage some glass. I promise. I'm a big girl."

"I..." he watched her attempt to pick up one of the sharpest shards and quickly darted for it before she could reach it only to cut his hand open. "Damn!"

He jumped up as Anora shook her head and grabbed him by the wrist leading him over to the sink.

"Now you've done it." she sighed turning on the sink.

She gently placed his hand under the running water and watched him flinch as the blood was rinsed off.

"Charlie Weasley, what has gotten into you?" she asked him. "You act like I'm dying, I'm not sick anymore. I can do things on my own, remember?" she said.

"I know." Charlie swallowed. "I...I.."

The truth was he had become so accustomed to taking care of the woman over the last week that he was finding it hard to adjust back to the independent Anora. He enjoyed the feeling he got when he took care of her.

Unable to bring himself to look at her, he kept his mouth shut as she dressed his hand. "We should bring you to Sebastian or it's going to scar-"

He could feel her fingertips trail over his hand causing goosebumps to emerge. He yanked his hand back as soon as she finished.

"I'm fine."

Anora stood there in confusion as he left back to the bedroom to get ready for the day.

"Are the males in the household going crazy?" she muttered to herself.

When Charlie returned from the room, Anora was gone, her boots by the door were gone which meant she had already left into the sanctuary.

He grumbled as he slipped his boots on and went to find her to apologize for his bizarre behavior. He wasn't sure what was wrong with him but he couldn't even find himself thinking straight.

"Charlie!" he turned his head to see Greg. "I need your help, we got a new dragon coming in. Elder."

His shoulders dropped, he would have to talk to her later.

"Yeah I'm coming."

Anora stared down the feisty dragon that was watching her with narrowed eyes.

"You know, Norberta, I've just about had it with your attitude."

Roscoe was behind her waiting for things to go wrong in which he would attack the younger dragon. He already had sent a few warning snaps in female's direction. However, Anora had to be cautious and keep her and Roscoe's safety in mind as Norberta's bite was venomous.

"You're going to get yourself in trouble if you behave like this around the elders, they'll give you the smack down and you'll learn very quick that you are not the one in charge."

Anora sat on a boulder watching the brown dragon stalk around.

"So angry."

Suddenly, the ground began to shake noting there was another dragon incoming.

Anora glanced over to see Copper, a female Peruvian Vipertooth, known for speed, Copper called the sanctuary home after suffering a torn wing which left her unable to fly. However, that didn't stop her from being strong. She was a Vipertooth, after all.

Copper had her moments where she seemed even tempered but she was also known to lash out biting several workers.

Norberta caught sight of the dragon and immediately went on the defense whipping her tail in an offensive manner challenging the older one.

"This isn't good."

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