My past infront of me

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Barry is too much! He only had one meeting and he brought me here for a week! And when I complained, he made a innocent face and told that he wanted to see place around here. So, I have to accompany him everywhere he goes, and this has been going on  for the past four days. I don't think he is interested in seeing the places as he only stares at me. His stares, now effects me. It makes me conscious of myself. I don't understand this feeling. This sudden affect of his stares on me.

Today, he wants to go to the mall. And so I got ready, I wore a jeans and a top but he didn't let me wear it and gave me a dress, yeah a gift from him. And he wanted me to wear it today.

When I asked him, why he is giving me gift and wanted me to wear it, he just said that he liked this dress and so he bought it for me and wants to see me in this.

Why? Why did he bought a dress for me? Why does he wants to see how I look in this? Why is he being like this?

We reached the mall. He came and opened the door for me. I came out and we went inside.

Suddenly, he held my hand. I looked at him surprised.
He didn't look at me and said still looking straight,"The mall is crowded and I don't want you to get lost."

I wanted to smile but suppressed it and then he entangled his fingers with mine.
I don't know why, but I kind of like it.

"What do you want to buy?"he asked me.
I looked at him surprised, he don't want to buy anything and yet brought me here.
"Nothing."I replied.

He looked at me and sighed, "I want you to buy something for yourself and a souvenir for your friends. And I will pay for that too."
I was going to protest but he interrupted me,"Look, you came here because of me so I will pay for everything."

I sighed and started walking with him. I know there is no point in arguing with him, he will not listen to me and I have to do what he says.

I bought gifts for Emma and Lily. They will be really happy.
And then we went to buy something for myself and it was Barry's idea you can say order, so I can't say no. He is really very stubborn!

"That red one will look good on you."he said smiling.
"I didn't ask you! I will buy the blue one."I said giving him a look and went to the counter.
I was confused between blue and red dress and he tried to help me when he saw me struggling.

"Someone said that she will buy the blue one not the red one."he said taunting me.
"It's my wish!"I said and hurried out of the dress section trying to hide my embarrassment.
He was laughing behind me.

I bought the red one, he told I will look good in that so I bought it.

As soon as I came out of the dress section I saw him, I saw him with his wife.
Mark! It's Mark with his wife, happy with his arms around her waist.

I became numb. That day when I last met him seems as clear as yesterday.

What happened that day when she last met Mark? Will Barry find out about Mark now?

Next chapter will be flashback about that day.
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