He gets jealous because you're getting close to a band member.

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Louis- Your boyfriend Louis had not made it home yet and you were lonely. You called over Harry to come and hang out. He came over and you two watch random movies. "Give me that" Harry says as you took his beanie. "No" You say putting it on. He comes after you and tackles you to the ground carefully. He lays on your torso. "Give me that, or I'll tickle." He says "You wouldn't." You say holding the beanie firmly on your head. "Why wouldn't I" He says and starts to tickle me. "Harry...Stop...Please..." You say between breaths. "Give me back my beanie" He says. "Fine...Here" You say taking it off and throwing it at him. "Works every time" He says putting it back on his head. "Get off" You say then push him off. You hear someone clear his throat. "Hey Babe" You say getting up off the floor. "What was all that?" He says. "What? Friends can't play around?" You ask. "N-No, it's just..urg!" He says and grunts. "Louis? You alright?" You say walking up to him. "Why are you getting so close to Harry?" He asks "I'm not! We're just friends silly!!" You say giving him a hug. "B-But-" You cut him off my pecking his lips. "Shut up! I love you, no one else" You say 

Liam- You and Zayn were chilling in the kitchen at you and Liam's place. You had brought out you were drawing on the kitchen table some anime (Japanese) art. Then Zayn comes in and sees you drawing. He was watching you draw. "That's good" He says amazed. "Thanks." You blush. Liam was still upstairs getting ready to go hang out with Zayn for the day. Zayn was hovering over you as you were drawing. You felt his breath on your neck. You giggled. "Y/N is Za-" You hear Liam's voice behind you. "What's going on?" He asks. You feel Zayn move away from you and you face Liam. "Nothing. Why?" You ask standing up. You walk over to him. "What's wrong?" "Y/N! Do you love me?" He asks. "Why on earth would you ask that!" You say "You just seem close to him all of a sudden" "Baby!! Really? Gosh!! I love you and no one else." You say and put your arms around his neck and peck his lips.

Zayn- Your best friend Niall and you were spending the day together and goofing around. You two had made your way back to you and Zayn's place and were raiding the kitchen for snacks. You found a pack of m&ms. "I bet you can't catch these if I threw them in your mouth" You taunt. "I bet I can" He says. Now you two are in the kitchen throwing m&ms around. Most of them are on the floor. You trip over some m&ms and Niall goes to catch you, but falls back. You notice you had fallen on top of him. He laughs. "What?" You ask looking at him. "You're clumsy" He says. "What the hell?!" Zayn's voice boomed thought the house. "Get off her" He yells and pulls you off of Niall. "Chill!" You yell. He freezes. "What's your problem Zayn!?!" You snap at him. "What were you doing on top of Niall?!" He asks. "I tripped ok, and I fell on top of him" He gives you this look. "You don't believe me do you?"  You ask tears forming at the rem of your eyes. "Babe. I-I, Just don't want to lose you to someone else" He says his voice filled with sadness. "Zayn, I don't love anyone but you" You say kissing him passionately. "Well I'll be going" Niall says heading out the door. "Bye Ni" You say. "Zayn, Do me one favor. Ask before you nearly kill your band mate" You laugh.

Niall- Everyone was over at you and Niall's place. Small little get together. You were all watching a random movie, but you and Liam were just talking to each other. You talked about the weirdest things. You were snuggled close to him, but not too close cause you knew you had your wonderful Niall, who had been in the damn kitchen for who knows how long. The boys thought it would be funny to push you into Liam. You two had to be facing each other. When someone pushed you, you and Liam's lips connected and that also had to be the time Niall came out of the kitchen. You froze with your lips still connected. You think it was a few seconds too long. You hear things drop to the floor. "Y/N!!! What the fuck are you doing?!" Niall's Irish voice yelled. You backed away and looked at Niall. "Y/N? Why did you kiss Liam?!" He says pissed. "I didn't" You said. "Don't fucking lie! I just saw you!!" He yells and everyone jumps. "You really think I'd cheat on you?" Your voice trembling. His face turns from pissed to sorrow. He noticed he scared you. "Princess! I'm sorry!" He says running to your side and burring his face in under your neck. You felt his hair tickle your chin. "Baby, Please just trust me" You say patting his head. 

Harry- You knew Harry and Louis were really close friends. Just to be mean you decided to play a trick on Harry. You and Louis were on the couch cuddling close. Harry was upstairs doing something. Louis had his arms around you and you were laying on his chest. Harry comes downstairs and notices you and Louis are cuddled up. "Y/N?" He asks. "What?" You respond. "W-Whats' going on?" He asks. "Nothing" You say "You sure?" He asks. "Yeah, why?" Now you could tell he was tense. "Why the hell are you so close to Louis?" He yells "I can't cuddle with friends?" You ask. "No! You can only cuddle with me," He says sitting beside you and pulling you close. 

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