In Wonderland, Of Course.

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I glanced around the room again and decided to try opening the doors. I walked over to the one labeled One Way and found it locked. I cursed it's maker then tried the other door. Also locked. I turned around and stubbed my toe against the leg of the table.

Table? I thought.

"Who the fuck put this table here?" I said aloud. On the table was a key and a bottle. I put the key in my pocket and examined the bottle. It looked like water. I shrugged.

"Can't get any worse can it?" I took a sip from the bottle and everything started to grow. Or I was shrinking. The key I had put it my pocket stayed the same size. So it outgrew my pocket and clattered on the floor beside me.

"Bastard." I said kicking the key. I looked around and saw how big eveything was.

"How am I going to get out of here?" I mumbled. I heard something behind one of the doors and walked towards it. I noticed that I could crawl under the door if I tried. I looked under the doorway and saw Liam running away from the door. 

"Liam!" I called out. He stopped to look back at me. He glanced down at his wrist then took off running again. I shimmied my way under the door and pulled myself up. 

I look around and see a flash of white running off into a big group of trees. I sighed and start off after him.

"Liam! This isn't funny. I want to go home and I'm hungry." I shout as I approach the forest. I stare into the trees and get no response.

"Liam! I'm being serious mate." I say still shouting. Again no response. 

"This is how people die in scary movies." I mumble to myself walking into the trees. I hear snickers behind me and I turn around.

"Liam?" I squeaked. This is not okay. He's freaking me out.

"Well, isn't he adorable." I heard a guy say behind me. I turned around and saw nobody.

"He looks a bit lost, yeah?"

"He's not lost we found him. So he's found."

"Who are you?" I asked hoping I said stronger than I felt. To me it sounded like somebody was arguing with himself.

I lad emerged from the trees and stared at me curiously. I took a step back.

"I am me. You are you. He is him." He said looking behind me. I turned and around and fell over. Twins. 

"Great. You went and scared him with your ugly face." The first one said pushing his brother. 

"We have the same face, stupid!" The other one pushing him. 

"I'm stupid? You name is Twiddle Dum." He said laughing. They both turned and looked at me.

"I'm Twiddle Dee, and this ugly fellow is my brother. Twiddle Dum." He said laughing as his brother punched his arm. I got off the ground and brushed my pants.

"I'm Niall. I was looking for my friend, Liam. I saw him run through here." I said to them.

"If you saw him run through here then why are you here? Shouldn't you have seen him come out on the other side?" Twiddle Dum asked me.

"What?" I said. "That makes no sense." 

"It makes complete sense you said he ran through here so he should be on the other side. You should have went around." Twiddle Dee nodded.

I sat down on the log that was behind me and groaned. "Where am I? I just wa-"

"Where are you? Where are you? Look around." Twiddle Dee started.

"You're in Wonderland, of course." Twiddle Dum said. He nudged his brother with his elbow.

"He's not very bright is he? And I thought my name was Dum." He laughed.

"Of course he's not very bright. He's not a lightbulb. You idiot." Twiddle Dee said hitting his brother in the back of the head.

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