Chapter 4

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My arms hurt.
My eyes felt dry from all the crying.
I was such a mess right now.

When we arrived back at the house, I was just staring one place in front of me. I heard the door open and pair of firm arms trying to lift me up.

That's when I woke up from my daze and pushed the arms away. "No.." I mumbled quietly. My lips were dry. I licked them.
"Can you walk then?" he asked. I nodded. "Okay", he moved aside.

It wasn't very elegant how I got out from the car. Whimper left out between my lips. Both males jerked their hands towards me.

Well, I managed to stand without help. I started walking, little bit limping. Car door closed.

"Did she tell what happened?" Jaden asked quietly from Bastien.
"No. But I bet Matthew has his fingers in this", they hit right on the nail.
"He looked really pissed after she left", ha, he was furious about what happened.

I knew he was coming after me, but I didn't think he would do it at the party.

"You know... I can hear you", I smiled a little. They were worried about me. That made me wonder, how would they react if I told them the truth?

Big wooden door opened, so I could walk without stopping inside. I abandoned my high heels at the hallway and headed towards my room. Of course Bastien followed me.

"Are you going to tell us what happened there after I left?" he asked. I looked over my shoulder, Jaden had come too. I closed my eyes and sighed.

I took off my long sleeved bolero and threw it on the bed. I think Jaden gasped.

"Is it that bad?" I asked, half crying. I was afraid to look my arms.
"Did he do that to you?" Jaden asked.
"I should've stayed", I turned around to face them. To face Bastien.
"Matthew would've fired you on the spot", I said. Bastien furrowed his brows.

And I can't let that happen.

Silence fell between us. Jaden leaned on the door and Bastien crossed his arms on his chest. And I was just standing there, looking everywhere else than my arms.

Then I sighed.
"Can I have some time alone", it wasn't an question, it was more an order. And fortunately both males took it as an order.
"Sure. Do I send a maid help you out of that dress?" Bastien was pushing Jaden outside from the door.

Oh yeah. The dress. I need help with it.
"That'd be nice", dress started to feel uncomfortable. Bastien nodded and left with Jaden.

Silence fell in my room. And finally I examined my injuries. It hurt to lift my arms. I bet I can't get out of bed tomorrow morning without help.

Maid came and went. She didn't ask anything. She didn't say much either. Just when leaving she commented that Bastien would bring me a hot chocolate and then she disappeared. I was happy with that.

I changed into old t - shirt and flannel pants. This was what I needed right now, plus the hot chocolate. Bastien was wonderful butler and a good friend too. I'd surely miss him when I would finally leave here. And Jaden too, they both were nice to me. I smiled a little.

But it turned to a frown when my mind wandered to how I'm going to get away. This probably is going to take some time then. I need to stall wedding as much as possible.

Light knock and silent creek from door snapped me out of my thoughts. Bastien came in with a cup.
"Here. My promised hot chocolate for you", he said.
"Thanks", I muttered and took the cup. Bastien left soon after.

I slipped under covers and enjoyed my hot chocolate slowly. I never got to the bath that evening. I was so exhausted from all the crying and emotional load for the day.

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