"Well...uhm..uh...I kind of promised Luke I'd have a movie night with him." I said trying not to concentrate on the feeling of pleasure going through my body. 

Immediately I felt Adrian pull away and my body felt lost and empty.

I could see the anger clear on his face as he clenched his hands around the steering wheel and began to drive to school. 

"Adrian don't be like that..." I said.

"Like what?" He asked with anger and annoyance.

Before I was able to speak Adrian continued.

"I did what you told me to, I was more calm about the situation...but this is too far." He said as he parked the car.

"Adrian he's my best friend... I understand why you're against this but you need to trust me..." I said. 

All I wanted was his trust, especially with things like this...

The way Luke feels about me doesn't change the fact that I'm totally in love with Adrian. I would never do anything to jeopardize that...

Luke and I have been through so much and I still care about him as a friend, I want to be able to spend time with him until he gets deployed. 

"I trust you, I just don't trust him..." Adrian said as he got out of his car. 

I let out a deep breath and got out of the car and followed along Adrian.

"Can you be any more cliché!" I said with frustration as I followed Adrian to the entrance. 

"If you trust me, then that shouldn't matter!" I continued but Adrian didn't say anything. 

"Whatever Kylie... I got to go..." He said with anger and continued to walk down the hall without even looking back.

I banged the locker out of frustration as I watched him leave.

"Lovers quarrel?" I heard Bella question.

"Yeah...he's a dick." I said as I found my locker. 

I turned to Bella who was wearing black and white stripped leggings, combat boots, and a long black t-shirt with a white skull on it. 

"What happened?" She asked. 

"Luke is actually my ex boyfriend who apparently has feelings for me. I told Adrian about it because it was the right thing to do...but now he's telling me that I can't hang out with Luke..." I said in a quick nonchalant way. 

Bella looked at me with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.

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