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Chapter 4

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Adrian groaned as the alarm clock went off and I couldn’t help but laugh.

I’ve been sneaking over to Adrian’s house for the past few nights because I didn’t want him to bump into Luke at my house.

“I’ve got to go…” I whispered and his grip on me got tighter as he groaned.

“Adrian come on…” I said with a smile but his grip wouldn’t loosen.

“Someone’s going to walk in to my room in a few minutes and if they see that I’m not there they are going to flip out.” I said and Adrian mumbled something under his breath as he pulled his arms away from me.

“Aren’t you excited for your first day of senior year?” I asked Adrian as I was pulling on my jeans. He responded by putting the pillow over his head.

“Alright then… see you later.” I said and then began to climb out of his window and down the tree.

I was actually excited to start my senior year unlike some people. 

As I place my pop tart I the toaster I heard Luke clear his throat as he entered the kitchen.

"Hello Lucas." I said with a smile that he returned.

"I told you things weren't going to be awkward so don't make them be..." I said.

"I know... And I'm not. I'm just hoping you don't hate me after my big revelation." He said.

"I could never hate you..." I said with a smile.

"But unlike me my boyfriend can..." I said quickly as I took my pop tart out of the toaster.

"I had a feeling you told him." Luke said.

"I had to...we've been through a lot and things are finally good between us, I couldn't keep this from him..." I said and Luke nodded with understanding.

"So now that I know things are cool between us, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out... I promise no surprises this time." Luke said with his hands up in surrender.

"Sounds good. How about after school we can have a movie night." I said remembering that Adrian had work. 

"See you then..." He said and I smiled. 


"Adrian we're going to be late." I said as I felt his warm lips on my neck sending electricity through my body.

Adrian pulled over around the block from the school in an area that was covered my trees and began to kiss me intimately. 

"But it's been a while..." He said into my neck.

"Adrian it's been 2 days..." I said referring to our last sexual encounter.

"Tonight after work your all mine..." He said as he nibbled on my ear. 

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