Part Thirteen

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Actually, that might not be true...


Kai dropped the string and followed it, on his knees. He touched the ground with his pale and ring-bearing fingers as if it were breakable glass, and raised his head. He had a very menacing expression on his face that even Anubis agreed with Walt that it looked hardly human.

Walt cleared his throat. "You know, I highly doubt following the actions of a string of yarn can do you any good other than a scraped knee."

He sneered. "Little godling, son of a-"

Walt hastily raised his hand, where his silencing charm ringed his dark finger. Kai seemed unable to utter the end of the sentence.

Walt gave him a warning glare. "You'd be insulting the goddess Isis herself."

Kai's eyes seemed to burn with anger. "And my father-"

"Actually, dude, your dad is prett-y mad at you."

The dark, exaggerated voice came from the same ally that Kai had appeared from. It was the others' turn to jump, once a thin figure stepped out, just as Kai did, though rather more familiar this time than threatening.

Kai stepped back, looking completely bomb-shelled. Walt's mouth turned up at the edges at the sight of him in such shock. Clearly, he could see the figure fully-featured over at his side, while on Walt's side it was still a mystery, shrouded in the darkness of the night.

"How- what the hell-" Kai began to stammer.

The shadowed figure pretty much ignored him, (which was O.K. with Walt, except that-) then turned to face Walt, the light of the lamppost revealing his features.

Looking just as he had before, with hollow cheeks that looked rather ghostly on his smirk-bearing pale face and all-darkness eyes, and the black skull T-shirt that seemed too large for his thin frame, he stood.

It was Nico.


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