Chapter 12

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Stealing Hearts 6/23/13

Chapter 12

Niall’s POV (Vote if your happy!)

“Why?” Questioned laced through my voice asking such an obvious question.

“If you ask better questions you get better answers you know.” Her smirk is humorous letting laughter run through her voice. I small smile is on both of our faces letting a little emotion in the air.

“Why do you steal?” My voice was soft trying to break through her brick walls holding up all her emotions and memory’s. Shock flashes in her eyes before they turn cold, hard as stone; grey. Her mouth tightens into a firm line. Her fists clinch together leaving nail marks on her tan skin. Behind all these motions lie her real reasons and explanations.

“Personal Horan. Leave it as it is.” Her forcefulness is startling but doesn’t stop me from trying to break her. Out of every question I could’ve asked I asked the most stupid one, yet here I am still trying to get an answer.

“Everyone needs someone they can trust and tell things too.” I shoot back feeling proud about my answer. If she doesn’t have many friends than they don’t know about her. She could tell me things; I am a great person to tell things too. I also heard I am a pretty good kisser.

“And I have a few people actually.” Ouch. That hurt.

“But none of them are me.” It’s a stupid excuses but worth a shot. I will break her.

“Haven’t anything bad happen to you so bad and everyone took pity on you, and just after a while it gets fucking old. Everyone’s pity, all their faces filled with sadness thinking they know how you feel when they don’t. They don’t know a fucking thing about me.” Sadness fills her voice. I watch how she lets part of her wall fall down slamming into the ground breaking into pieces. Something bad as obviously happened to her. Tears run along the edge of her eye threatening to fall down in waterfalls.

“I know a couple things about you.”

“Not a chance.” Her jaw clinches, testing my theory.

“You hate hot tea. You’ll only drink sweet tea if they have it. You usually drink diet coke when someone offers you soda. You skateboard because you haven’t gotten in a car in a couple years. You dress hipster but still tomboyish not wanting to be singled out by preppy girls or the complete tomboys. You miss someone incredibly. You’re afraid to let people in. The town knows you, as gray so I’m guessing you didn’t live here your entire life. You haven’t graduated high school. You dropped out, never once doing drugs.” Her mouth is wide open in shock that I actually paid attention to her. Why wouldn’t I? Her brown hair is long and always in a differently style whenever I see her. It’s luscious always shining and never covered in product. Her face labels perfection. Natural makeup that you can barley see, just covering up what she thinks are imperfections. Her smile is the kind that can always light up the world, but can be a little mischievous at times. Her favorite fruit is peaches because that’s what flavor her lip-gloss is, and how she smells. If she is tired and not doing anything she likes to change into sweats. She hangs around the hospital quite a lot. Her body fits right into mine as if it was made just for me. She also has three birds flying away on her left shoulder blade that she thinks I don’t know about. Then her eyes. Her eyes tell a whole other story.

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