Chapter one-December 23

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Louis's POV

We finished up our last show of our tour a month ago, which was in Mexico because, the fans had shown us so much support so we decided to do a last stop here. It had been a long and fun year. It is just about Christmas time. Harry and I were happy together as a couple finally, much to managements dismay but we couldn't care less what they thought. Simon supported us and my favorite Holiday was coming up including my birthday. I had a big surprise planned for Harry. Anyhow Harry had just got back from doing some Christmas shopping and I was glad to see him.

"Hey Hazza." I said, giving him a quick kiss.

"Hey boo bear, did the lads call yet?" He asked, as he took his coat, hat and scarf off.

"Not yet." I said, trying to take a peak in the bags.

"Uh-uh, not until your birthday and Christmas." Harry said, smugly.

I pouted.

"I guess there bringing their new girlfriends to to visit so we finally get to meet them even though they have been dating them for like three months." I said.

"Well there happy Liam is finally over Sophia and Niall finally has a girl he really likes." Harry replies, smiling.

"And we have each other and everyone finally knows the truth." I say relieved.

"The fans went nuts." I pointed out.

"I know, we finally told them the truth." Harry said, as we sat on the couch.

Harry and I cuddled on the couch until Harry's ringtone "Jingle Bells" rung through the whole flat.

"Hello?" Harry asked into his phone.

"Hey, Harry it's Niall I'm calling to let you know Liam and I will be over in about fifteen minutes with the girls, is that okay?" He asks.

"Sure that's fine." He replies.

"Alright see you in a bit, mate." Niall says and hangs up.

"They on there way?" I ask, happily.

"Yes." He nods.

Ten minutes later the doorbell rung. I got up and answered it, revealing Liam and Niall with two girls, one with Strawberry blonde hair and dyed red hair under brown.

"Come on in guys." I said.

"Thanks, it's cold." Niall said.

"No kidding." Nialls girlfriend teased.

"Hi, you must be Sammie." Harry said sticking his hand out.

"Yes, it's so nice to meet you." She says, smiling.

"You too. heard a lot about you." Harry said.

"All good I hope." She laughs.

"And this is my girlfriend Ali, Sammie's best friend." Liam chimed in.

"It's really nice to meet both of you." I say.

Ali got a happy look on her face.

"I'm so happy you two are finally together, the fans can not stop talking about it." She stated excitedly.

"Yeah, we thought it was about time to come out with the truth." I chimed in.

Everyone took off their jackets and settled down in the living room. Sammie Sat closely to Niall, she was very shy.

"So what made you two come out, didn't management get angry?" Sammie asked.

"Well we were getting tired getting set up on fake dates, and hiding our relationship and management was furious but they'll get over it." Harry explained.

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