I'm coming home! ch.21

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We walked out the cage I instantly tried to contact Sam, but it seemed like he was blocking me. I continued to try for another 5 miniuts always ending in the same result. Nothing, not a squick from his side. I didn't realise we had been walking until we were outside and the sun was beating down on us. I looked over at Tyler just as I started hearing engines, not just any engines ninja engines. The girls I thought excitedly THE GIRLS! TYLER I thought quickly after realising there after him god help us, god help him more likely.

I started pushing Tyler.

"Tyler shift, there coming, the girls there here. There coming to kill you." I pushed him to the floor trying to make him angry trying to make him shift.

"Rose I'm not leaving you one way or another you will be mine in the end." I snarled him I can't believe I belived that fool had changed with one conversation. URRGGGHHHH.

 "Tyler start moving now I'm pregnant and tired and tired and pregnant don't go together very well. Now move it before you lose something that got me pregnant to another man." I stated thinking about what I just said didn't make sense when Tyler spoke again.

"You know that doesn't make sense?" well look at that he isn't as thick as a plank as I thought no he's as thinker than sid the sloth (a/n for those who don't know check out ice age he is the stupid one who is yellow) I hit him in the back of the head.

"Thanks for that captain obviouse I knew that duh. Whatever it doesn't matter move now. I hate you I thought you had changed but I guess not." I looked away from him nearing tears I had to tell him before the girls came, I've known him since I was a kid I don't want him dead. "Tyler once I get back to that house I won't ever want to see you again. So don't try to find me to find me I don't want you near me." Even though it hurt to say it I knew it was the only way to he would leave if he heard me say what I said the day he left the first time.

I heard the engines pulling to a close. I turned to look at Tyler as he shifted, his bones and joints broke and shifted into place as his body started to sprout grey fur all over him. I nodded and turned to watch as he ran away.

just then the girls pulled up next to the hut. They ran in not noticing me at all. I felt a shooting pain across my stomach so I sat down. After five the girls came racing out screaming till they were red in the face.

"we missed them! How can we miss them she's a day away from her due date she's not hard to miss!" Jenna shouted, I coughed and they turned to look at me shocked.

"Jenna you best not be saying I'm fat?" I gave her a displeased look.


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