Chapter 6 The Truth About Me

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."W-well when you looked at me, I saw a flicker of something in your eyes. I couldn't tell what it was. It looked like you had just killed someone, you looked victorious." I snorted but he said, "It really did. Victoria." I stopped laughing and said, "Then I have to talk to Professor Trelawney." I turned around and walked right out of his classroom.

Thankfully I had been smart enough to keep the map well enough hidden so it wasn't confiscated from me. I pulled it out of my pocket and searched for the Divination class. I looked though the entire castle and saw she was up in one of the towers, walking around.

I followed the map up to the North Tower. I walked up to the entrance of the tower and a silver latter dropped down so I could climb up into a trap door. I put the map away and climbed the latter. I pulled myself up and saw a room full of crystal balls. "Professor?" I yelled.

There was a rustling in a corner and I walked forward. "Professer Trelawney? Is that you?" I walked up to the corner and she said, "Go away! Get out of this room!" She held her necklace and I said, "I won't hurt you. I promise." I held out my hand to her and she shook violently.

"Tell me what you told the other teachers. What is going to happen?" She stoped from staring off then immerged from the shadow, and gripping my hand tightly said, "Child, you will do horrible things in the next few months. Mark my words, a student will end up dead, be careful, and lock the door when you sleep."

I pulled myself out of her grip and dropped down the trapdoor. I turned and ran down the halls to the Gryffindor common room. I knocked and knocked then someone came to the door. "What do you want?" said a Gryffindor boy that was taller than me and way older.

"I need to speak to Ron Weasley." The boy turned and walked away from me. So I waited until he came back. Ron was behind me and I said, "Come here." I grabbed him by the front shirt and dragged him to sit on a bench. When he sat I saw his friends had followed him.

"You know that Divination teacher, I went up to talk to her after she talked to Professor Flitwick. And after hearing her talk to Snape a few months back. I didnt know what it meant but I knew they were talking about a student in first year. Then over the months I gathered information. It seems that there is something going to happen here."

I looked up at them, who were all looking at me like I was crazy. "Then I went up to her room today and she said that I was going to do something terrible within a few months, and then she said I would kill someone." I took a deep breath and Ron sat next to me. "Look, I've known you forever and I know you wont kill anybody! Maybe try to blow their face up with one of Fred-n-George's exploding flapjacks, but not kill."

I looked at him and said, "Thanks Ron. Do you think I could send a letter to Mum and Dad?" He nodded and said, "Errol is up in the owlry." I smiled and hugged him and ran off to the owlry.

I took paper and a quill that was already there and wrote to Mum saying sorry for not writing for a while. I said I was doing good in classes, especially in Potions and then I had told her to say hi to Ginny and Dad and I was going to send her a present from the next trip to Hogsmade. I tied the letter to Errol and he was off flying into the snow storm that was coming.

I waked by myself through the dungeon tunnels to the common room as slow as I could. I was thinking that it was getting colder and I needed to get Vipera more spiders and I could probably get some from the DADA classroom when I saw one in a corner. I lifted my foot stomp on it when I heard a door open somewhere near me. I quickly tucked myself in a corner and watched a hooded figure walked by. I held my breath as he walked farther to the end of the hall.

I stepped out carefully following the figure into the darkness. He walked and walked until he got to a secret set of stairs, one way going up and one going down. And of course who would pick the one to go up? He went down. And I followed. We went down for a while and finally stopped at a first door. I watched as he walked in. And as I tried to open the same door carefully, it swung open and the figure said, "Hello Victoria."