About Lauren Frost

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Hiya! I'm Wynter Frost's 12 years old Iittle sister Lauren! She is the best sister in the world. Not even kidding. She's always protecting me from my dad; I always feel bad about it, but she tells me that Mum would want it this way with Wynter protecting me. I know all about how my mom died. Wynter tells me she's to blame and that I am not allowed to feel guilty since I was too young to know the dangers. I tell her that I won't feel guilty, but I do. I always will.

May is my best friend besides Wynter. I stay with her whenever Wynter is too scared to face dad. I don't mind though cause we have TONS of fun! My birthday is December 3rd, my favorite colors are red and black, my favorite food is anything, my favorite hobby is soccer, and my favorite band is ONE DIRECTION :3 I loveth them! Yes, I just said loveth.

Well, I'm gonna spend the day with Wynter.

Peace out Numnums! (Dont ask)

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