part 2

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Hmm...thats strange...she's not answering me. Oh no, not this again please don't tell me its happening again! Just then, she turned around. To my surprise, it wasn't that...."thing" from before, it was just the regular lunch lady. I sighed with relief. "hello there." she said. "oh umm could I get the usual, please?" "alright, you know you've got to eat more." "yes I know..." I haven't eaten an actual meal since "it" happened.

I left the lunch line with only a slice of bread. I now get scared when someone has their back to me and doesn't answer me when I talk to them. I fear that the thing is back and that it has a stronger wanting to kill me. Like it needs to kill me for a reason.

Also, everytime I hear someone humming "pop goes the weasel" for whatever reason, I think that, its near. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Well, I'm not, this is all true. My parents barely ever visit anymore. My friends, I haven't seen them or hear from them in a while.

I finished the bread and went back to my room, room number 24. There was nothing to do around here other than sleep all day and sitting in the corner at night. So, I just relaxed on the bed. Soon I was drifting off to sleep.  

My arms, they were broken. So were my legs. I couldn't move or scream out for help. Just then, I hear humming...not just a normal tune but someone humming pop goes the weasel. I knew what it was, I just knew it!

"hello there, son, we meet again." it said in its demonic voice. " not you again!! Why don't you leave me alone!!!" it laughed and took out its knife. "You see, I can't do that, I have to follow you until I kill I wouldn't be hungry anymore." It then pounced on me. Raised the knife, and drove it right into my chest. 

It sliced through and took out my insides. It then started....eating my intestines and my liver and whatever else was inside. Once it finished the insides, it started eating my flesh. Soon what was left of me was just the bones from my body.

It was laughing demonically. Its face covered in blood. Then....i woke up. It was only a dream. A fucking dream. My heart was pounding. It felt real it looked real too. What if it happens in real life. No, I can't allow that. I just can't let it happen. What would I do if it was to come back?

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